December 30, 2009

Lagu Best - Thanks Razeif

This is like the best song of the year for indie fact almost all the songs of this group are good and very semangat muda mudi hehehe...thanks razeif for the mp3...sangat suka!
Bunkface - Through My Window
Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it’s just another day
Telling me why, I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing
Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, me are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window, I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real
I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real
p/s - Mr husband's back! Loads and loads of work stuff to be done, assessment and all precious time to be not really blogging kot hehehe...will resume soon....

December 18, 2009


After the office hours i dropped Aida at the LRT station, we had a great talk as usual in the car. Then i went to meet Eiza and had my dinner, with her too i had a great talk. Then i got home to my in laws, it's already dark..everybody's asleep. Once in the room, i cleaned myself and performed my Isya' prayers. I prayed for the best to all whom i love for this new year insyaAllah..

Then, i quietly weep, missing my husband terribly...i wiped my tears and got to bed, hugging the pillow which i covered with his used tshirt, his smell is fading away..but i can still smell feels like he's very near, but yet he's far far away...

It's almost 2 months 2 am i am still wide awake...his shirt in my arms...

Happy New Year!

December 13, 2009

One year!

Last weekend, 6th of December 2009 was the first anniversary of our engagement ;) Cepat masa 2 months time would be our first anniversary as husband and wife..alhamdulillah

However, i celebrated our engagement anniversary with friends Aida and Kak Mas in Bukit Tinggi. Mr Husband is not back yet (6/7 weeks already!)...and we had an assignment to check out the facilities in Selesa Hillhomes Resort and Dusun Eco resort for our upcoming PEM Team building. The pictures for our recce are with them so i'll post the pictures later. I always love cool places so that's among the reason why i suggested Bukit Tinggi rather than Port Dickson or Melaka. PEM team building will be held from 19th-21st January 2010 and Aida, Kak Mas and i are the committee for the gifts and souvenirs. So being us the young and adventurous (not dangerous ok!) ladies, we planned for fun and exciting gifts! Not the standard low quality bags, langyards, table lamps, boring shirts etc. We know that some times the stuffs are over priced, so we took extra effort searching for good quality stuff and at cheaper price. In the end we managed to get our hands on a samsonite bag, an Adidas jersey and a 16-32 gb thumbdrive. It was a really good deal as everything cost us below rm200. Good job girls!

Even though i am bored with Mr husband's absence, i managed to have fun with my girlfriends. We went shopping and surveying which was fun! I like! Oh ya...i forgot to mention, instead of a boring jacket for the committee, we opted for a long flowy cardigan from Cotton-on (an australian brand outlet)...i bought it for my own at first and then everybody agreed to buy the same one ehehehe...trend setter ke i? hahaha perasan mode sekejap!
Will post the pictures soon...
dearest husband, balikla cepat....xsyokla sorang2! lantakla the well...i think it's not a good deal, pity you that you have to undergo everything because of some ego people who could not accept the facts and reality.

November 26, 2009

Why Mr husband is the sweetest of all...??

This is the note i found scribbled on the white board in our room at my in laws... this white board is used to jot down important matters such as due dates of bills etc. Once in the room i saw the board was faced down, i ignore it at first but then tak tahan i pusingkan..skalik ade nota cinta pulak!! So...what else...speechless...the tears were streaming like nobody's business, sob sob...
Thanks yang..i love you more are my everything :)

November 19, 2009

Laporan perubatan utk suami

Dearest husband,

As you are not able to take care of your wife during the operation and the recovery period, here are some pictures of my hand...

Few hours after surgey

1 week after surgery

After removing the stitches

Hebatla the doctor no scar at looks like being glued or something, coolness! I t was tough not having you around. I need to eat with my left hand, i cannot drive anywhere, i have to depend on ummi to tie my hair, shower is dreadful...sedihla. if you are around i know you will manja2 me..even i sihat pon you manja2 i...i didn't continue my mc as i have tonnes of work in the office, so next week i have to drive..hopefully okla. it must be boring without you in the car..xde org nak hug i, nak kiss i, nak usap2 pipi i...sob sob...

It has been almost 3 weeks already...yet your job has not even started yet!!! can i come over and see you there? i miss you....xbestla tido sorang2 without your 'music' hehehehe...i miss you so much!!! love you more and more and more everyday....




November 11, 2009

60% ok!!

Before i start, try tengok the post my husband ni kan, dah rindu sangat2 barula nak blog yee...wahwah...hehehe, suke...miss you too darling!! (Tapi kene tough!)
So, i'm back!! The surgery went well, i was in the OT for 2 hours and i slept really well through the surgery, hehe...seriously it was really good..the anaesthetic works wonders, really..i stayed in the ward for 2 nights and received quite a number of visitors. Thanks to all who visited (Azirul,Rod,Sha,Aida,Zu,Kak Ani, Kak Zu, Ima,Kak mas, Limau, Iba, Eiza and mak,MIL,FIL,Sherry and friends,Kak Aula & parents & little razim) I guess you guys really know i need your support with Husband not around..thanks a you all! Thanks for ummi and abah for being there for me too, sayang kamu!! The wound are still raw, i had an appointment yesterday and after poking around the Dr said the stitches are not ready to be removed, and he gave me another week MC. Next week he plan to remove the stitches, ouchh! I was really tough doing this all by myself, naik teksi sorang2 pegi cuci luke..what to do...
I couldn't really menaip or menulis however i curik2 buat jugak because i have tonnes of emails to reply and a really interesting course yesterday...yes people, i was so lucky to have been invited for a one-day workshop with DBP (Dewan Bhs & Pustaka). Khairy and i are among the lucky ones and as Khairy FORGOT to visit his bestest girlfriend at the hospital, he offered to be my right hand hehe.
The course was about the art of writing and what we can contribute as an engineer with a passion in writing. There are a lot of interesting magazines by DBP which i have long taken for granted! There are columns on science and technology and also even about any travelling one made in or out of Malaysia! Fun, fun, fun!! The editors taught us all the do's and dont's and we have a writing test in group at the end of the session. The most interesting part is when they mentioned about the payment for each articles made, hehehe. ranges from RM200-RM500 depends on the criticality of the article. I'll make sure i send one article soon hehehe.
My hand hurts already, i need to stop now...husband pon buzz through ym later...

I miss my wife so badly

It started on 31st of October when i got on the plane to Ethiopia. My mind could not stop thinking about her. She is the love of my life and i already miss her. Now, after 12 days onshore in this hot, desert like country, i miss her even more. Today is the first day that i failed to call her. ScopeTel phone line giving problems. I couldnt call her handphone. Hell, all of the equipments we have here are problematic. Anyway, I miss you sayang. Luckily I dpt la load satu gambar. I cant wait to get back to you and go for our ski trip. Miss you a lot baby girl.muahhhh. i know by now you will be sleeping. :(

November 4, 2009

I'm away to...Prince Court Medical Center

Hehe..due to the condition of my right palm, i am advised to undergo a minor operation at PCMC. I will be admitted Wednesday evening (just to keep me from being jumpy) and the operation will be on Thursday morning. Maybe by Friday i can go back, if everything's good and smooth.
Few months back i discovered a bony lump at the base of my middle finger. I thought it's nothing as it does not cause any pain. Mr Husband said 'u kurus sgt kot', thanks dear..appreciate the comment, though! Fast forward to after the Krabi, Thailand trip, i felt a discomfort feeling at the same spot, plus and additional lump (which moves everytime i move my fingers..yeah, scary i know) at the base of my ring finger. We decided to see a doctor at Twin Towers Med Center and she confirmed something weird is going on there. Xray was done however nothing could be seen, so this confirmed there's nothing wrong with my what's the lump then?
I was referred to PCMC for a session with the orthopedic and was immediately scheduled for an MRI (the tunnel thingy something like in the House series). It was a really uncomfortable experience, i had to stay still facing down with my right hand sticking out for 1 1/2 hours..lenguh tengkuk daku! Done with that, the result showed the lumps are formed at the outer layer of my tendon which explains the movements. The medical term is 'Giant Cell Tumour'... most likely it is benign, insyaAllah. However, the plan is to remove the tumour and send the samples to the lab for further confirmation.
Mr Husband was around through out the appointments, however he is not here for the operation. It's parents will be with me...and my in laws will be visiting too. Worry not dear, i know you would want to be here...tapi dah keje kan..just pray for my speedy recovery ok!
So what i will do is enjoy the facilities in PCMC and chillllll.....pray for me ok!!!

October 31, 2009

Be Grateful Zairul..

Alhamdulillah...almost all my prayers have been heard and fulfilled by the Almighty Allah..syukur ya Tuhan...ever since Mr husband was assigned to the Ethiopia project i've been praying hard to at least let me have my first Ramadhan and Syawal with my husband. I don't really put that high hopes due the nature of our jobs..however with the grace of Allah we were given a chance to celebrate together! And not only that...his offshore trip was postponed until after my Holland trip, he even managed to join a few days of my Krabi getaway with some friends!! Alhamdulillah...

On our way to my Kampung for raya

Me, Ummi, Abah (our picture together is still with my brother, hiyaa)

Mr Husband's biggest (and only) fan hehehe, kids nowadays are not into BIG guys..

Our Langkawi Getaway! Air Terjun Durian something

Meine Familie

Adik2 ku and suami yang memang sekepala, otw ke Tasik Dyg Bunting

Woot-woot, suami dah terer buat aksi lompat!! at pantai beras putih (or was it pasir beras?)

Abah enjoying the fish therapy (cat fish ok, looks scary but harmless actually!)
Enjoying the view at Langkawi's highest point ( the cable car) Mr husband's a wee bit gayat hehe..sket je kan... :p

The Krabi getaway!! Ao Nang beach during sunset
It was actually a getaway planned with friends to reduce my loneliness when Mr husband's away..skali he's still here, he booked the flight right away! He joined us on the second day and left a day earlier due to his work commitment, nevertheless i am thankful!

The Friends & Hubby (thanks kawan2 sudi jemput kami, u guys are awesome!!)

Manja2 with suami in the bot during the trip to Phi Phi island

Another pose from us Maya Beach...very2 beautiful...

Airnye tersangat2 biru, sungguh indah ciptaan Tuhan!!

The Tsunami memorial sculpture...sad... :(
I am so grateful..thank you Mr husband's away to Ethiopia, maybe for a month or so..i am missing him a lot, but looking back at all the chances i've given...i think it's not right if i keep on complaining, it's like i am not being thankful for all the is not always easy and beautiful, i've learn it the hard way, and still learning now. But i always believe that in order to get great things, we need to sacrifice a great deal...ada hikmah di sebalik segala yg terjadi, God has His own special way to show miracles..that, I believe...
Thanks to the Krabi-trip-clan, thanks to my family, thanks to Mr husband for always being there for guys are really you all!!

October 7, 2009

October 3, 2009

Goodbye KL...Hallo Netherlands...

I am off to Netherlands/Holland for a week of visit/training/working at Panterra Geoconsultant, Leiden, Netherlands. Will be back to KL the next Monday. When i'm back Mr husband is not going to be around to pick me i guess..he will also be away to Ethiopia for a month or so. Knowing the nature of his work i could not be so sure, i could never put my hopes high up, i will end up being frustrated and sad. As the trip is taking the whole week of my working calendar, i need to settle lots of things before i fly..i am always exhausted by the time office hours finishes, but still i make it a point to lepak2 with darling husband..
The blog lacks photos and entry of many things happening in my life...i am just too busy with work, datelines and nagging are everywhere! Hopefully i will have sometime to upload the raya photos at least.
Mode sedih is kicking in...i am going to miss my Husband...for the whole week i tried to avoid from being sad and mushy2..i want to be strong and supportive for my Husband! I myself needs to be sane so that i could finish up my work. Mesti semua ingat dahsyat gile kan keje aku, hmm...entahla xtaula mende yg busy, tp mmg xmenyempatla kan...okla..till the next post..daa~
p/s - Husband, thanks for being the most understanding creature in my life...i know i am not that easy to handle (too hot to handle!) but we complete each other kan? i know deep inside you are wishing for the 'little miracle' too...let us pray and leave everything to Allah to decide..insyaAllah. yg penting do remember, i love you so much and will be missing you like crazy :(

September 17, 2009

Raya Plans

This year's raya we would be celebrating at my hometown in Kedah, well technically my parents' hometown. As most of the elders had passed, we would just be visiting my parents' siblings and our relatives, to spice things up we planned to go for a vacation yeaa!! where to? Langkawi!! It has been years since the last time my family and i visited Langkawi, my Husband it would be interesting to see the latest Langkawi...

However...first things workload needs to be settled...soon...i don't think i could, but i will try my very best....mati la gue...keje bertimbun, xreti2 nak habis...adehlaa. due to this heavy workload, i don't even have any time to look for my tudung raya to match with my baju raya!!! alert!! i don't care...tomorrow i will get my tudung raya! tak kirela keje ke ape ke..nak jugak!!

p/s - Mr Husband..jom teman i pegi masjid jamek plzzz.....Arzu tadi pon mcm ok... (semua org are soo into tudung awning sampai my conventional tudung pon susah nak carik! )

September 12, 2009

Ramadhan's blessing

Early Friday morning last week, i was extremely busy with this and that..when i checked my hp, there was a few miscalls..normally i would just ignore it, if it's important they will call me back..however, that morning i just felt like calling

me : hello...siapa ni ye, td sy received call dari this number
lady : oh...kak zairul ke ni? sy ina...kak zairul ade hilang apa2 tak?
me :, my external hard disk xjumpe pun lagi...
lady : haa...mak sy cleaner kat cimb tu, dia yg simpankan akak punya hard disk tu. sy checkla
content die, tgk2 mcm sy search la details akak..tu yg dpt hp no akak
me : ye ke...terima kasih byk2 ina...sanggup berusaha nak return hard disk tu.

and the rest was history... i am ever so grateful that this young lady took so much effort to return my hard disk...bersyukur sangat2. a day before fetching the hard disk from her, we bought some biskut raya for Ina and her mother. tak sangka dlm era globalisasi di mana semua org terlalu sibuk dgn kepentingan diri masing2 masih ada yg memikirkan susah senang orang lain. i am deeply touched, rase nak peluk je ina masa jumpe control hehehe.

p/s - aziya, aku tau ko suke komen aku ape2 pon aku tau ko syg aku kan kan kan..i love u too sistaahhhh...muah2 (jgn jeles aku dh jumpe hard disk aku!)

My sistaahh & me 'totally 2 makhluk yg sgt berbeza'

September 4, 2009

Careless me

Early morning today around 7.50am, i withdrew some cash from CIMB atm to pay for my loan which was overdue (busy sampai lupa). Before that, i carefully placed my external hard disk on top of the atm so that i wont gelabah dgn my bag and all. After withdrawing, i simpan everything nicely in my bag and dashed to the office. I totally forgot about my hard disk. I had a busy schedule through out the day, managed to sit for few minutes before dashing off some where else for discussions or meetings. That's the reason why i didn't realised my hard disk was not around. Around 4pm when Mr Husband said "jom balik", i started packing all my stuff...then barula i sedar that i left my hard disk at the atm. We rushed to the bank, of course la xde kan...hmm, so not me tertinggal barang kat bank! habisla all the pictures and data...luckily most of the important ones are saved in my PC too. xde rezeki, what to do...amazingly i didn't cry but extremely sensitive when husband mention the word careless. heheheh. muncung boleh ikat ok..

Entahla..semenjak dua menjak ni, i am extremely busy sampai tak terurus...after solat isyak i would easily fall asleep. after a few hours baru i terjage and sedar yang baju keje xbergosok lagi...aduhai...reminder to self " please be ur own self asap "

On the other hand, my memo to fly to N*the****ds are approved!! yeaa!!! it was totally a blessing during Ramadhan because normally the Biggest Boss are very fussy and requires an interview with the personnel if he/she is to be sent to oversea for work. I was actually prepared for all this, however tadaaa~ everything signed without any least i won't be that lonely without Mr Husband around after raya..

August 26, 2009


I've been neglecting this blog for almost a month, or is it a month already?? Aiyoo, what to do..both of us were busy with our work and also our life...i don't even have enough time to finish up my office work, lagikan nak blog. Let's see what we're up to all this while
Family stuff
- Family trip to Sg Chiling Kuala Kubu Bharu, we had fun bermandi manda. it was actually Mr Husband's hobby, i will scream everytime he pull me to the deeper section..hehe..yes, i nampak je macho, bab2 air fail ok..
- Bercinta2 di Cameron Highland dgn sang suami...wuyoo...bestla cameron, much2 better dari Genting ok..the strawberries, waffles, corn in cup..yummehhh...lazatt
- Bershopping2 and menempah2 baju raya for meine Familie..I have like 7 kain to tempah hehe..result from Husband's business trip to Dubai and ntah mane2 lagi..
- Celebrated my sisters' birthday with Eiza, Mr Husband and Ayen...selamat ulang tahun ke 25 Aziya!! semoga murah rezeki, panjang umir dan dipercepatkan jodoh...aminnn
- My little brother is coming back to Malaysia for Hari Raya...yeaa! dah lame x raya ramai2..
- The big boss wants this particular project to achieve first oil very2 soon which is come la the target earlier was 2015, suddenly he was like pakse2 the team to make it by 2011. And suddenly the planned well was postponed and another well was proposed. So zasss, yours truly tunggang terbalik coordinating the core analysis
- I've been seeing people going overseas sponsored by the Company even for some really not-so-important work. So when i have some tests running in Ne***rlan**, i went to see the boss and requested to be sent there for the analysis. Amazingly, the boss agreed and there goes the process of writing a memo which will then be sent to the BIG boss. Hopefully he will grant the proposal..insyaAllah... *doakan i plzz* at least i will not be bored when Mr Husband's away for his Ethiopia job
- Waiting patiently for 2 wells to be logged very soon, cepatlaa...
-Balik awal specifically 4 o'clock everyday during Ramadhan, yeaa!!!
- sudah menerima beribu2 soalan cepu emas "dah ade isi ke?" "dah ade muntah2 ke?" yang paling best skali setakat ni "korang ni plan ke? aku tgk mcm xnak baby je, rileks je mcm bujang2" hiyoo la everybody..dah belum ade rezeki, kami tunggu jela..salah ke both of us rileks and cool mcm remaja hehe. kene nangis2 ke? dah kawin kene tukar jadi auntie2 no no...insyaAllah rezeki tu ada, menanti masa yang sesuai... :) aminnnn
- we are currently painting2 decorating2 menanam rumput carpet and macam2 lagi for our new home sweet home. we targeted end of the year, suddenly tercepat plak...maybe after raya we can move in already..hehehe seronoknyaa...boleh buat makan2...
- doa everyday that Mr Husband is to be sent to Ethiopia at least after raya...please please please..i dont want to raya alone, sobsob. i think boleh tercapai because the rate of penetration ( drilling ) was really low, tolongla lambat lagi hehe. or else, i think ada yang ikut ke Ethiopia karang
- my best friend Mas delivered a beautiful baby girl in early August, sangat cute Sara Umayra
- Kak Aula is waiting for her delivery hehe..sabar k kak...
- Norli is pregnant, Shima is pregnant too..hehe yes, kawan2 ku sudah mahu jadi mummy...alhamdulillah..congrats to all!!
- will be visiting a few orphanages during Ramadhan with PEERs, proud of you guys...i've never seen a group whom are passionately in love with contributing to those in need..may Allah bless you all...
- my friends aka kakak2 n abang2 in the department invited me to join the trip to Krabi..hehe. As Mr Husband will not be around after raya, i accepted their invitation hehe..bye Mr Husband!! Seronoknye berjalan2..sebenarnye utk menghilangkan kesunyian di kala cinta hatiku jauh di mata..but it's kinda fun sebab semua bujang2 except for me hahaha...perasan bujang...
So i guess that's about it...hehehe...selamat berpuasa semua!! hopefully everybody's blessed..insyaAllah...

July 25, 2009

Not so long ago...

Here are some pictures taken during some activities that Mr Husband and i joined right after he's back from Vietnam (weeekss ago, hehe)...
Organizer:PEERS (Petroleum Engineering Young Professional Society)

The Hutan & The Frens...
Us = Aeza, Me, Husband (congrats dear, hehe..i know u can do it!!)
Next are pictures taken during our trip to Genting Highlands, few days before Mr Husband flew to Dubai (upacara memujuk Sang Isteri sebelum pergi, huhu)

Genting was realllyyy sejokkk, kabus was everywhere..sadly some games were closed due to this condition...but we had enough fun!!

I've never been to this part of Genting, looks like's the temple built by Lim Goh Tong the founder of Genting...coolness...

Now that Mr Husband's back, the malasness to update the blog starts creeping in my soul, hehe..i tried really hard to drag my butt to update the blog despite of the havocness in the office. I barely had anytime to finish up my work, what more to update the blog!! But still..i did it!! After Mr Husband got back from Dubai we straight away head to Cameron Highlands..why highland again? Well...what to do..i am a living Puteri Lilin, panas2 i sakit kepala hehehe...the post ok...
Btw, tomorrow we are going to meet up with the contractors to renovate our new house (grille, kitchen cabinet etc) weehooo...yeaa...yes people, we are moving in our OWN house soon..alhamdulillah...

July 15, 2009

The phone call that broke my heart to pieces

Remember my previous post 'he's coming back Friday morning'.. well....not exactly...

A phone call during lunch hour today....

Me: Yang, i really miss you...i lonely
Husband : Ye ke, i mimpi you baby...kite pegi sailing...
Me: Xpela..Friday morning kite jumpe k
Husband: Baby..i sebenarnya tersalah tgk was actually SATURDAY morning...
Me: Whaaattttt??? Nooo....not one more day....

I know it's just another day...but to me it's like FOREVER....I hate his Job!

p/s - Yeah...i know, boring...another emotional episode..bare with me people..

July 12, 2009


Aiseyy...hectic week i would say...Mr husband is around the whole 1 week ++ and we spend the whole week together attending a course in Concorde, hehe..jadila as long as we're together right? Before that we actually did some adventure trekking with PEERS (young professional club of our department) at FRIM Kepong. It was fun, tiring but fun... will be posting the pictures once we're back at home. Owh, i am currently blogging from a CC in Taman Melati after a weekend trip at Genting Highlands..hehe, biasala cuti2 Malaysia...what a wonder la Genting..the pictures pon nanti la k...

Why kami ke Genting? Yeszaa, Mr Husband is again going off..this time from this Monday till Friday ( will be in KL very early Friday morning..hmm seb baik) Where to? Dubai pulak, equipment checking for the Ethiopia Project he's currently handling. Why i tak ikut? It's too expensive la...lgpon i think i can bear 4-5 days without him, what to do...

When i get to know he's going off to Dubai after promised has been made to not go anywhere too often.. i was fuuuriouss!! Marah ok kat semua kaum kerabat Department dia, x kasik can langsung kat i! Hangin satu badan...i merajuk 2-3 hari, xnak ckp dgn Mr Husband. hehe, memang drama...but then Mr husband said that Ethiopia project would be his last in the department before moving off to a different department, hmmm please la ok Husband, i xlarat la berlakon bujang you know, susah i nak explain kat org yang i ni dah kawen, heheh *wink-wink*
Semua ingat i am bujang trang-tang-tang.. (bagus gak kecik2 ni)

What's interesting is, we are planning for another trip cuti2 Malaysia when he's back from Dubai...bestnyeee, can't wait. By then i have to be extra patient and settle all pending work in the office...okla...mumble2 all the way...hehe

July 2, 2009

KKP - Karnival Keluarga Pet**na*

Di kala suami ku tiada seperti biasa daku menghabiskan masa bersama2 rakan2 baik ku, jgn salah faham ok, i do care about my friends even when Mr Husband's around ;) So on the 27th June 2009 which was a Saturday i spent the whole day with my friends attending the Company's family carnival. I really love attending carnivals or funfair for i-dont-know-why reasons...i guest the ambience is...erm...happy kot! The main reason i attended the carnival this year was to support our friend EE in the KKP Superstar (singing competition!).. and dear are truly a SUPERSTAR!!

Us - Me, Azirul,Nazmi,Razeif

Dato' Khatijah Ibrahim - Coolest!

Mawi pon ade ok..dah pandai bergaya skrg, Ekin did a good job..okla kan...

Ajai & Marsha AF pon ade...

Our Superstar - EE...nyanyi lagu Seribu Tahun, Imran Ajmain ke? betul kot..

Top 2 - 1st runner up EE (baju putih) Johan Jezz (baju hitam) p/s - Azirul's favourite
(ade gayala..tapi suara-wise, EE tetap pilihanku..hehe)

Congrats EE!!!! You did a realllly good job, i told you so! We are very proud of you EE!!

P/S- Need to cepat2 blog, Mr Husband nak gune the internet plak... oh yaa... he's BACK!!!
Yeaa, bestnyeee....hilang sudah duka ku... :p

June 24, 2009

I am sorry, my love.....

It has been a while since I am stucked in Vietnam doing my job as a well test engineer. And I miss everyone at home especially my wife. I am sorry sayang. I know I always make you sad with my work and everything but I just want to say that I really love you for who you are sayang. Nothing is gonna change that. I pun sedih bile i buat you sedih sayang. I am very sorry for that. I will be back soon sayang. When I see you, I will be the happiest man in the airport.

June 23, 2009


Yeszaa, i am totally down...with Mr Husband not being around and also with the favouritism kicking-in the Company!!! Tolongla..i can be sabar at one time, but if it's too much, penatla aku weyy.. mcmanela org Melayu nak berjaya kalau mcmnila sikap org2 kita..hiyaa..penatt!!

p/s - patutla the Company di penuhi org2 LUAR yg mengambil kesempatan terhadap hasil negara kita..sbb org kita semua dh x larat tgk dishonesty and sikap2 x professional dlm Company..hmmm

June 19, 2009

mY Preciouss...

The little boy crying is baby Aish (Fareez Idham). Oya (my Sis) rampas die from me and nak sangkut die kat pokok, mane tak nangis budak tu kan! He used to be our neighbour in Banting and we took care of him and his sister since they were babies. My ummi wasn't actually the nanny but they really like to lepak at our house and go everywhere with us. Plus we really like babies and children so xpela..kecil tapak tgn Twin Towers ku tadahkan.. This little Aishh is really2 bright, bijak bercakap and his vocab is beyond the capability of kids his age.

One day, mase baru2 kawen we took him from his parents' home, in Amin's car die dgn pantasnye cakap " Kak, kereta akak mane? nanti balik naik kereta akak ye, x best la kereta abg ni..kerasss " hehhe..berdesing je telinga Mr Husband bile seorg budak kecik commented his pride n joy - Temah the Audi A4 heheh. Sorry darling, die suke my Johnie Rush laa...then mase tgk2 our wedding albums lagi skali die berkata " Kak, kenapa akak kawin dgn abg ni..kenapa akak x kawin dengan abg ni (sambil point to my friend Khairy) " Hehehe, skali lagi berdesing telinga Mr Husband hehehe. Kate Husbandku " Kalau tau tinggal tepi jalan tadi, biar naik bas "

Mase Aishh kecik sket, to headband my Sis, i asked him to model it..he actually wore it all day long..heheheh....

Wawa & Aishh lepak2 at our house

This little girl is the most famous ( in Bandar Mahkota ) Nur Adrianna Ariesya aka Didie. Since 3 months old my Ummi took care of her..buat kawan2 my Ummi said, sebab Ummi boring dok sorang2 kan. Why famous? Because she loveesss to cry all the time..pantang sakit sket, sangkut kat mane2 ke, amin jeling sket ke..habisla..menangis la bagai nak rak. Dgn my dad aka Atuk and my Ummi aka Nenek je die ok. Kesian Amin, everytime he calls for Didie, she will climb over us while crying profusely mcm tgk hantu ok...yela yang, u kan size mat saleh kannn...

Didie with Nenek and Akak at the Airport waiting for Abg Boy ( my brother )
Whenever i'm down..i always turn to them...they could really make my day! Children are very pure and honest. They are always so truthful in whatever they say. Whenever Mr Husband is away i will make it a point to at least visit them, because i know their smiles can heal my aching heart.. I miss you guys all the time ok, muahs2...and miss you to BamBam Husband!!

June 15, 2009

What?? Againn??

That was my reaction when Mr Husband called early Friday morning from the immigration..he was AGAIN sent by the biggie boss to offshore (Vietnam plak) for God knows how long, hmm..this time around i was really2 pissed off, kesian Mr Husband get to listen and read all those emotional messages hehe. Yelakan, mane tak nye..crazy ke ape, x sampai 2 weeks dah kene sent off lagi. I would have understand la if skali skala, tapi kalau dah sebegini kekerapannye...WTH?? Yela, i know this is something that i have to accept working with an oil and gas company, plus kawen with rakan sekerja..memang inila hakikatnye...however, come on la biggie boss!! What? ingat org lain TIADA life ke??

Being a very loving and understanding husband, Mr Husband promised to negotiate with the biggie boss to at least gap kan the offshore trips...or else susahla we all nak organize our married life kan? kesian kite yang...sobsob...kesian lagi i...asyik2 kene tinggal. Your pujukan to go off somewhere when you're back sudah xjalan dah this time around, i don't really care..what's important is for you to be by my side...i really2 miss you yang :( Sape nak habiskan i makan? Sape nak buat i gelak macam org gile? Sape nak gossip dgn i? Sape nak bagi i the most-famous-Amin-hug? Sobsob...

First time balik kampung Kedah (during labour day)

At Uncle Ed's home in Alor Setar

Yang, balik cepat ok...i tunggu you...

June 12, 2009


Semenjak dua menjak the COMPANY re-org, everybody including me & Mr Husband are tired all the time. We really worked our a** off everyday and end up being tired once we landed our bum on the car seat. I just got upgraded from my job as a petrophysicist, well...upgraded in terms of workload and responsibilites ok, not SALARY, not even job grade. It seems that the COMPANY does not have enough staff to accomodate the business, so we the not-so-new staff had to be upgraded pre-maturely..i guess...but hey, i'm not complaining...i thank the company for sponsoring my studies and giving me a chance to serve the country..seriusly, i bukan main2 ok. Or else why did i quit from the higher paid company (Schlu***rge*) when the COMPANY offered me a job approximately 3 years ago...
Hakikatnye the COMPANY is where one should be at this GAWAT is stable and most reliable..alhamdulillah, di kala banyak company bungkus, kami masih mampu meneruskan perjuangan kami...penat memang penat...everyday i would try to finish up my assignments, but the new ones kept coming in, fuuhh~ tension ok..not easy money my friend...
Now, working in a team where most of them are more senior than me, it would be a challenge for me..however, i am grateful as they are very young at heart faces, new beginning..

June 8, 2009

Kemalasan Tahap Maksimum

It's not actually my fault la kan..hehe...i balas dendam for all those kelam kabutness and havocness and tiredness of organizing the reception, seriusly next time anak2 aku buffett je ye sayang2 ku...or else if you guyz rajin like ur ibu than go ahead..haha. Apart from that, the lazyness was caused by the fact that Mr Husband was sent to Labuan for some job exactly 2 days after the reception..hmm emo aku sekejap. Tapi, dah keje kan...i pon rindu2an la sorang2. Lagi satu alasan, i left my broadband at my parents home..mcmane nak blog kan? hehe
Alhamdulillah, now everything's done! The reception was great ( for me la )..i was really happy not because of the reception itself, but due to the fact that i met lots of friends whom i missed was also the place of family gathering..thank you so much to my family and also the inlaws ( especially mama ) for making our dreams come true! To Aeza and Syed thanks for being the pengapits, appreciate it so much...To friends who managed to attend the reception, thank you soo was great to see all of you again after sooo long...To those who couldn't make it, what to do...but seriusly rugi tuuu....The pictures by the photographer are not ready yet, but there are a few from friends who attended the reception, thank you guyz..pinjam ek!
Dewan Perdana Felda
Our Singgahsana

Mr & Mrs & The Pengapits

Babah & Mama merenjis

TokSue Merenjis

Ummi ku ~ ( gelak2 sbb die renjis2 dgn overnye )

Tada~ change of wardrobe!

Mr Husband makan kek dgn comotnye

The bagpipers (x-Saint Johns) cool! The favourites among all
The event went smoothly ( belakang tabir, rahsiaaa..hehe) not too long, not too short. Or else the guests would be sleepy by the end of the event. Hopefully those who attended enjoy the event..we have tried our best to entertain everybody..kalau ada terkurang or tersilap tang mana2 che' minta maaf sangat2...thanks again!! If the photos from others dah ready, will update more...