October 3, 2009

Goodbye KL...Hallo Netherlands...

I am off to Netherlands/Holland for a week of visit/training/working at Panterra Geoconsultant, Leiden, Netherlands. Will be back to KL the next Monday. When i'm back Mr husband is not going to be around to pick me i guess..he will also be away to Ethiopia for a month or so. Knowing the nature of his work i could not be so sure, i could never put my hopes high up, i will end up being frustrated and sad. As the trip is taking the whole week of my working calendar, i need to settle lots of things before i fly..i am always exhausted by the time office hours finishes, but still i make it a point to lepak2 with darling husband..
The blog lacks photos and entry of many things happening in my life...i am just too busy with work, datelines and nagging are everywhere! Hopefully i will have sometime to upload the raya photos at least.
Mode sedih is kicking in...i am going to miss my Husband...for the whole week i tried to avoid from being sad and mushy2..i want to be strong and supportive for my Husband! I myself needs to be sane so that i could finish up my work. Mesti semua ingat dahsyat gile kan keje aku, hmm...entahla xtaula mende yg busy, tp mmg xmenyempatla kan...okla..till the next post..daa~
p/s - Husband, thanks for being the most understanding creature in my life...i know i am not that easy to handle (too hot to handle!) but we complete each other kan? i know deep inside you are wishing for the 'little miracle'...me too...let us pray and leave everything to Allah to decide..insyaAllah. yg penting do remember, i love you so much and will be missing you like crazy :(

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