November 26, 2009

Why Mr husband is the sweetest of all...??

This is the note i found scribbled on the white board in our room at my in laws... this white board is used to jot down important matters such as due dates of bills etc. Once in the room i saw the board was faced down, i ignore it at first but then tak tahan i pusingkan..skalik ade nota cinta pulak!! So...what else...speechless...the tears were streaming like nobody's business, sob sob...
Thanks yang..i love you more are my everything :)

November 19, 2009

Laporan perubatan utk suami

Dearest husband,

As you are not able to take care of your wife during the operation and the recovery period, here are some pictures of my hand...

Few hours after surgey

1 week after surgery

After removing the stitches

Hebatla the doctor no scar at looks like being glued or something, coolness! I t was tough not having you around. I need to eat with my left hand, i cannot drive anywhere, i have to depend on ummi to tie my hair, shower is dreadful...sedihla. if you are around i know you will manja2 me..even i sihat pon you manja2 i...i didn't continue my mc as i have tonnes of work in the office, so next week i have to drive..hopefully okla. it must be boring without you in the car..xde org nak hug i, nak kiss i, nak usap2 pipi i...sob sob...

It has been almost 3 weeks already...yet your job has not even started yet!!! can i come over and see you there? i miss you....xbestla tido sorang2 without your 'music' hehehehe...i miss you so much!!! love you more and more and more everyday....




November 11, 2009

60% ok!!

Before i start, try tengok the post my husband ni kan, dah rindu sangat2 barula nak blog yee...wahwah...hehehe, suke...miss you too darling!! (Tapi kene tough!)
So, i'm back!! The surgery went well, i was in the OT for 2 hours and i slept really well through the surgery, hehe...seriously it was really good..the anaesthetic works wonders, really..i stayed in the ward for 2 nights and received quite a number of visitors. Thanks to all who visited (Azirul,Rod,Sha,Aida,Zu,Kak Ani, Kak Zu, Ima,Kak mas, Limau, Iba, Eiza and mak,MIL,FIL,Sherry and friends,Kak Aula & parents & little razim) I guess you guys really know i need your support with Husband not around..thanks a you all! Thanks for ummi and abah for being there for me too, sayang kamu!! The wound are still raw, i had an appointment yesterday and after poking around the Dr said the stitches are not ready to be removed, and he gave me another week MC. Next week he plan to remove the stitches, ouchh! I was really tough doing this all by myself, naik teksi sorang2 pegi cuci luke..what to do...
I couldn't really menaip or menulis however i curik2 buat jugak because i have tonnes of emails to reply and a really interesting course yesterday...yes people, i was so lucky to have been invited for a one-day workshop with DBP (Dewan Bhs & Pustaka). Khairy and i are among the lucky ones and as Khairy FORGOT to visit his bestest girlfriend at the hospital, he offered to be my right hand hehe.
The course was about the art of writing and what we can contribute as an engineer with a passion in writing. There are a lot of interesting magazines by DBP which i have long taken for granted! There are columns on science and technology and also even about any travelling one made in or out of Malaysia! Fun, fun, fun!! The editors taught us all the do's and dont's and we have a writing test in group at the end of the session. The most interesting part is when they mentioned about the payment for each articles made, hehehe. ranges from RM200-RM500 depends on the criticality of the article. I'll make sure i send one article soon hehehe.
My hand hurts already, i need to stop now...husband pon buzz through ym later...

I miss my wife so badly

It started on 31st of October when i got on the plane to Ethiopia. My mind could not stop thinking about her. She is the love of my life and i already miss her. Now, after 12 days onshore in this hot, desert like country, i miss her even more. Today is the first day that i failed to call her. ScopeTel phone line giving problems. I couldnt call her handphone. Hell, all of the equipments we have here are problematic. Anyway, I miss you sayang. Luckily I dpt la load satu gambar. I cant wait to get back to you and go for our ski trip. Miss you a lot baby girl.muahhhh. i know by now you will be sleeping. :(

November 4, 2009

I'm away to...Prince Court Medical Center

Hehe..due to the condition of my right palm, i am advised to undergo a minor operation at PCMC. I will be admitted Wednesday evening (just to keep me from being jumpy) and the operation will be on Thursday morning. Maybe by Friday i can go back, if everything's good and smooth.
Few months back i discovered a bony lump at the base of my middle finger. I thought it's nothing as it does not cause any pain. Mr Husband said 'u kurus sgt kot', thanks dear..appreciate the comment, though! Fast forward to after the Krabi, Thailand trip, i felt a discomfort feeling at the same spot, plus and additional lump (which moves everytime i move my fingers..yeah, scary i know) at the base of my ring finger. We decided to see a doctor at Twin Towers Med Center and she confirmed something weird is going on there. Xray was done however nothing could be seen, so this confirmed there's nothing wrong with my what's the lump then?
I was referred to PCMC for a session with the orthopedic and was immediately scheduled for an MRI (the tunnel thingy something like in the House series). It was a really uncomfortable experience, i had to stay still facing down with my right hand sticking out for 1 1/2 hours..lenguh tengkuk daku! Done with that, the result showed the lumps are formed at the outer layer of my tendon which explains the movements. The medical term is 'Giant Cell Tumour'... most likely it is benign, insyaAllah. However, the plan is to remove the tumour and send the samples to the lab for further confirmation.
Mr Husband was around through out the appointments, however he is not here for the operation. It's parents will be with me...and my in laws will be visiting too. Worry not dear, i know you would want to be here...tapi dah keje kan..just pray for my speedy recovery ok!
So what i will do is enjoy the facilities in PCMC and chillllll.....pray for me ok!!!