November 4, 2009

I'm away to...Prince Court Medical Center

Hehe..due to the condition of my right palm, i am advised to undergo a minor operation at PCMC. I will be admitted Wednesday evening (just to keep me from being jumpy) and the operation will be on Thursday morning. Maybe by Friday i can go back, if everything's good and smooth.
Few months back i discovered a bony lump at the base of my middle finger. I thought it's nothing as it does not cause any pain. Mr Husband said 'u kurus sgt kot', thanks dear..appreciate the comment, though! Fast forward to after the Krabi, Thailand trip, i felt a discomfort feeling at the same spot, plus and additional lump (which moves everytime i move my fingers..yeah, scary i know) at the base of my ring finger. We decided to see a doctor at Twin Towers Med Center and she confirmed something weird is going on there. Xray was done however nothing could be seen, so this confirmed there's nothing wrong with my what's the lump then?
I was referred to PCMC for a session with the orthopedic and was immediately scheduled for an MRI (the tunnel thingy something like in the House series). It was a really uncomfortable experience, i had to stay still facing down with my right hand sticking out for 1 1/2 hours..lenguh tengkuk daku! Done with that, the result showed the lumps are formed at the outer layer of my tendon which explains the movements. The medical term is 'Giant Cell Tumour'... most likely it is benign, insyaAllah. However, the plan is to remove the tumour and send the samples to the lab for further confirmation.
Mr Husband was around through out the appointments, however he is not here for the operation. It's parents will be with me...and my in laws will be visiting too. Worry not dear, i know you would want to be here...tapi dah keje kan..just pray for my speedy recovery ok!
So what i will do is enjoy the facilities in PCMC and chillllll.....pray for me ok!!!


  1. yeah, pcmc is waaaaaaaaaaay medi hotel for middle income like me cannot afford, so enjoy ur stay there ok.. and take care of yourself ya

  2. er .
    wat happen ?
    bleh trg dlm bm ?
    kurang phm la kak .

  3. kak mira - hehe...we couldn't afford it too,
    thanks to the company dapatla merase..enjoying it!! muah2 to emir ok!

    lemon - panjang citenye...dipendekkan cite ade ketumbuhan di tangan ;)

  4. wahh .
    jd alien !
    haha .
    kak ada facebook ?
    nk add

  5. Ok sayang. I doakan u a speedy recovery. Miss you so much here in Africa. How i wish i boleh suapkan u sup ayam while u tgh baring tu. Sorry sgt sayang. I love you so much.

  6. ketumbuhan sbb g main kayak tak ajak aku & dba..