November 19, 2009

Laporan perubatan utk suami

Dearest husband,

As you are not able to take care of your wife during the operation and the recovery period, here are some pictures of my hand...

Few hours after surgey

1 week after surgery

After removing the stitches

Hebatla the doctor no scar at looks like being glued or something, coolness! I t was tough not having you around. I need to eat with my left hand, i cannot drive anywhere, i have to depend on ummi to tie my hair, shower is dreadful...sedihla. if you are around i know you will manja2 me..even i sihat pon you manja2 i...i didn't continue my mc as i have tonnes of work in the office, so next week i have to drive..hopefully okla. it must be boring without you in the car..xde org nak hug i, nak kiss i, nak usap2 pipi i...sob sob...

It has been almost 3 weeks already...yet your job has not even started yet!!! can i come over and see you there? i miss you....xbestla tido sorang2 without your 'music' hehehehe...i miss you so much!!! love you more and more and more everyday....




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  1. kesian my baby girl. nanti hubby balik,hubby huggy you baby kay.muah i love you darling.