December 21, 2010

Soo...not ready!!

Mummy, stay with iris please...

In 2 weeks time i would be ending my maternity leave!! I can't believe it! I am sooo not ready, helpp! I am not yet back in shape, well to be exact i need to reduce 5kg. I have lost 15kg to date..but for some reason i don't feel kurus yet. I can fit in ( up to buttoning ok ) only 1 jeans and the others i can only pull up but couldn't button it, for my work pants, i can already fit all..but it really accentuate my assets hahaha. mcm x sesuai je nak di pakai tatkala sudah bergelar ibu ni! Baju jangan cakapla kan, di bahagian tertentu, sangat2 la high definition heheheh.
iris sleeping ;)

Apart from that, i love staying at home taking care of Iris..once back to the office the arrangement is, as long as i am able to breastfeed Iris, she will be staying alternately between our house and my ummi's house weekly. So there would be times that i would not see her sobsob..kesian Iris, what to do..this is the best for her. I don't trust anybody else to take care of Iris other than our family. For ummi to stay permanently at our home pon is not fair to Abah as my Abah is still working and nobody will be with him when we culik ummi from him hehehe.

Hopefully everything will go as planned..insyaAllah..

December 4, 2010

The Aftermath..My journey and some info

Thought about sharing my post delivery experience

On confinement ~

My ummi is not that traditional due to the fact that my abah works in a hospital..however i do take care of my food intake. The list of fishes i ate are such as ikan haruan, ikan keli, ikan siakap, ikan merah, ikan patin, ikan salmon, ikan cod..di masak singgang or grilled. Sometimes if my ummi cooked sambal or curry she allowed me to eat those as well as long as it's not too much because i am breastfeeding, kang cirit birit anak i. Ummi said i can eat chicken and meat as i tibai je hehe. Cuma bab nasi, my ummi said only 1 serving everytime xboleh prob la tu. kate nak kurus! I forbid myself from eating watermelon, cucumber, kangkong, ikan kembong, ikan sardin, iced water, seafood..normally org pantang makan makanan berlada hitam, i tried to minimize that because i am breastfeeding.

Apart from food intake, i did the urut and mandi daun2 session for a week. i highly recommend it because u'll feel very fresh and energetic soon after the sessions. In my hometown it cost only rm45 per day. I also bought the confinement set from Leesa cosmetic. You can choose from a number of brands but i prefer Leesa because it's complete! Inclusive of the bengkung and the tungku! Even though i delivered via c-sect i started wearing the bengkung after 3 weeks. The only thing that i didn't really obey was going out hehe. i did go out whenever i need to buy my stuff because my husband is a virgin in buying my stuff hehehehe. He'll spend hours reading the labels :D

I choose to pantang for 60 days and 100 days for iced water, ice cream etc. Why? Saje2..nak jaga badan hehe. After 1 month i managed to reduced 12kg from the total of 19kg i gained. Another 7kg to go, insyaAllah..

On Breastfeeding ~

Alhamdulillah i didn't have any problems in breastfeeding my daughter. My breasts started swelling with milk the 2nd day after delivery. The first day was mostly colostrum i guess. This was maybe because i started pumping as early possible, even though there's only small amount of milk earlier. Some kind of a signal sent to our factory to produce more and more everytime. However the first pump i used (Spectra 3 loaned from my SIL) wasn't that likeable to me because the breast shield is kind of painful after each time using it. And it does not pumped out milk as much as other mothers did. To some mothers it works just fine, but to me it didn't. So after reading many reviews ( i did read a lot before delivery too) i pejam mata and invested on Medela Freestyle. Earlier on i thought of not buying it as it's pricey, however after reading the reviews, i couldn't stop thinking about it. Plus i really2 want to do my best in breastfeeding my daughter. And alhamdulillah my husband supported me and he even joint venture in this investment hehehehe.

After getting the pump i put my full effort in pumping especially during my daughter's sleeping hours. My review---- if you plan to breastfeed as long as possible even after going back to work and if you have the extra savings, go for it!! my milk production increased by double, it doesn't hurt at all and it's portable..very2 of my best purchase :D Apart from having a good pump, i do take food that could help in increasing milk production such as sayur sawi, lobak putih, horlicks, soy drink, milkmaid tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby and i also drink Enfamama chocolate drink which is delicious! Hopefully the effort could prolong my milk production insyaAllah...soon i am going back to work and i wish to breastfeed as long as possible, plus my daughter drinks a lot!! nak store as much as possible for her :D

Sharing is caring kan kawan2... if ada info saya share lagi ok! maybe about pampers plak kan :)

November 22, 2010

Alkisah minyak yuyee and Iris

Crying because i put her to sleep in her cot

Last week Iris has been very2 cranky. All she wants is to be dokong and cuddled all the time even when she's asleep. Sangat2 challenging ok..she'll cry almost all the time she's awake. She'll only calm down when some one especially me cuddled her. She even cries during diaper changing and this is not just simple 'merengek' is on top of her lung screams!! I am so devastated seeing her crying like that. Sampai nampak urat2 kepala ok ( sbb nenek dah botakkan kepala dia, so nampakla). My ummi and i trouble shoot a lot of different reasons of Iris's crankiness..from what i ate to what we applied to her..but still no conclusion.

Close up - see that mouth, seluas2nya ok

Until at one point, i couldn't stand it..i was a little scared actually because i've never seen a baby cries like that before. So i told my mum to call her friend to baca2 and urut2 Iris mana la tau it could help a little though i was sceptical about all this urut2 baby thingy earlier on. So this kakak came and urut2 Iris, and to my surprise...Iris calmed down! not a little, but really2 calm ok!! wah, wah...sangat lega i hehe. At first i thought ada momok kacau my daughter ke kan, hehe..tergelak kakak tu bila i tanye mcmtu. It turned out perut my daughter kembong rupenye..the minyak bebiku and telon that my mother used wasn't that powerful enough. So what we did apart of urut2 was, we changed to minyak yuyee cap limau. And it works wonders!! After a series of long and powerful kentutss..she's all good, alhamdulillah.


So good bye to all the crankiness..and waking up every single hour at night. Iris is a very2 good girl now hehehe, sorry dear, mummy and nenek ingat minyak yuyee tu panas sgt for Iris. Thanks a lot to Kak Yaty for urut2 sessions and pencipta minyak yuyee for creating one excellent product hehehe...

November 8, 2010


Iris loves to sleep like this..mengiring mcm org besar!

Is SUPER tiring & challenging!!! Penatnyerr...seriously without ummi's help i can go crazy hehehe. I'm trying my very best to breastfeed Iris exclusively, and alhamdulillah she's a champ in latching department. And when i say a champ, i really mean it..she drinks a LOT i tell you. Sampai sakit2 belakang i duduk berjam2 breastfeed Iris. At night especially she'll wakes up quite a number of time to ask for milk. Sometimes i could only sleep at 4am or even 6am hehe, pengsan mummy!

Burp pon ada style ok!

Now she's very alert to sounds and colours especially from the tv. She'll turn around and look at the tv or search for the voices talking to her. She also loves to bathe. Very2 much :) like daddy suka main air. She'll cry her high pitch cries when we took her out of the tub. She's also very active, doesn't like to be 'bedung' and all the time we'll find her socks and mittens to be off her little hands and legs. I think tu mcm mummy xsuke dok diam2!

My sister is in love with Iris..the first one to be by Iris's cot when she makes any noise ;)

As for Mr Husband, i don't think he had any problem adjusting and what not. This is because i have my ummi and sister around who are very2 willing to help me with the baby. So most of the sleepless nights i went through, i find him sleeping peacefully even in the midst of Iris crying on top of her lung! Ada time2 i geram tu, i saje2 la create task for him haha. Suruh amik pampers la, wet wipes la..padahal xjauh mana pon...hehehe jealous la..hmm, even it's tiring, i truly enjoy being a mother..BESTNYEEE!

October 30, 2010


Our daughter, born on 27th October 2010 at 3 am via emergency c-section.

Her name is


Thanks for all the prayers..alhamdulillah.... :D

October 25, 2010

The time is just around the corner...

We had our weekly check up this evening and the doctor actually thought that i will already deliver by then hehe..BUT tadaaa~ here we are again! still ok..hehehe. Doc siap ckp, normally ibu2 will be very2 tired and not so active by now. But in my case dia kate " mummy n baby relaks je ". My husband and i couldn't agree more :) So, as planned from the last visit..we did a vaginal examination. The experience was, hmm...slightly painful, but bearable la..i did the flushing thingy previously and that was much much painful.

After the examination, the doc said " good, the baby is very fixed and engaged..and you pon dh masak " hehehe masak tu i guess maksudnye the perineum dah lembut and ready for delivery. The doc suggested for us to be admitted tomorrow evening (Tuesday) and be induced for delivery. InsyaAllah the delivery would be on Wednesday. He planned this because we are staying in Puchong currently and it would take a while to get to Prince Court Med Center. Plus on Wednesday he will be available all day less hectic and no rushing! InsyaAllah....

So to all dear friends and family wherever you are, please pray for me...may it be a smooth and easy delivery insyaAllah. Di sini juga saya ingin memohon maaf di atas salah dan silap saya selama ini..doakan saya dan bayi saya selamat dan sihat sejahtera...Aminnnn....

p/s - doakan suami saya berjaya tanpa sebarang episod pengsan jugak ok..dia sedikit takut and mabuk darah juga adaa hehehe

October 21, 2010

Betul ke?

I am still pregnant. Still ok to do stuff around the house. I am on medical leave already, not because of any condition whatsoever but because my husband insist me to take it. He couldn't stand looking at this lady walking like a penguin from meeting to meeting..hehe..I am also very big, now weighing 68.9 kg. Doc Aziz said that my baby is not that big, so i don't have to worry..insyaAllah it will be a smooth delivery. According to the doctor my baby will weigh around 2.8kg - 3.0 kg je nanti. Okla kan, besar sgt susah plak nanti..asalkan semua ok sempurna and sihat is enough for me, insyaAllah.

I didn't feel any pain just yet, just the normal braxton hicks i guess..bahasa i masa ckp dgn doctor is " baby mengeras ada la doc "...hehehe doc pon gelakkan aku ok. dia kate okla tu ikut fahaman u..doc ckp " baby xmengeras la zairul, tu rahim awak preparing for labour " manela tau kan haha.

Last night before nak tido, i singgah toilet jap seperti biasa, and after peeing i noticed ada sket traces of blood, quite surprised! so i cleaned up and wipe the area with tissue but no traces dah. just that one time. in the morning i woke up pon there's no traces dah. husband called the hospital and asked about this, they said it's normal to have this traces and i don't have to go to the hospital just yet. i just need to monitor if there is more bloody shows and if i feel any contractions. if i do have any of that, then i should go to the hospital. As for now, xrase ape pon lagi..

betul ke i dont have to go to the hospital??

October 10, 2010


Hmm..this is difficult, first because i don't exactly know what to ask..second because i malu2 nak mengharap orang kasik apa2 hehe. Being 'me' i don't exactly have like tonnes of friends to beratur nak organize baby shower ke apa ke kan...i am grateful enough with doa2 agar dipermudahkan segala urusan, and alhmdulillah as for now i had a wonderful journey being pregnant. Everything went really well except for some cramps and muscle pain towards the end of the journey.

Back to the wishlist issue :) Earlier on, kak mas my good friend cum office mate did asked me to list down the things that i would like as that was way too early in my opinion, i put it on hold at that time. Then, few days back my Vietnam-clan asked me for the same thing..hmm...looks like it's gonna be a good time this time. Next week i'll start my medical leave starting effectively on Thursday, so the more reason to do it ;)

So here are some of the stuff that i would like for the baby.. (though most of the essential stuffs have been prepared by this to-be mummy and daddy)

1) Baby bouncer/rocker

2) Clip on Mini fan

3) Baby carrier/sling

5) Play mat/play gym

6) Musical mobile

7) Rattle / Toys

8) Baby clothes (variety sizes) / Blankets / Headbands ( well, baby girl kan insyaAllah)

9) Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump (Eh, this is for mummy or baby ek? hmm both la kan hehe)

P/S : Pictures are for guidance only...doesn't mean that i want the EXACT same thing hehehe

Wow..tadi cakap don't really know what to ask kan? Suddenly there's quite a number pulak huhu. Basically that's all that i can think of not according to order of importance la..if ade rezeki orang nak kasik alhamdulillah..or else doakan yang terbaik pon dah memadai... So dengan ini, saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada aunty2 and uncle2 yg meminta list ini...THANKS!

October 1, 2010


I am bored..with all this formal admin stuff that this 'beloved' company enforced. From nak buktikan performance to nak naik gred to nak kawen, everything has ridiculous rules and regulation. Bencila...xboleh ke we just do our job's just ridiculous that we get all tensed because of nak buat karangan buktikan diri hebat, baik tension sbb keje kan?

If nothing is to be done to change this office politic thingy, i bet the company will be doomed! seriously...wake up la wahai management!!

~haihh..kenapa la aku berenti keje kat company lama and serah diri kat this company~

Hopefully ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni...

September 21, 2010

Long time no see uolss ~

Selamat Hari Raya to all...i know i know, it's a little bit too late to wish...but seriously it has been quite an experience for me this year. The first time puasa being independent in our own house, the first time puasa and pregnant...hmm, there's always a first time right. Being 7 months+ pregnant during the puasa month is delightful and tiring at the same time. I can now feel and SEE the baby moving and making 'ombak' especially at night. surely will make me smile even at the lowest of time. Fasting while being pregnant for me was good, I lost 1.5 kg hehe. Tiring but still manageable. Good baby, thank you for helping mummy to cope with the hunger and thirst, alhamdulillah...we managed to complete the whole one month! i love you so much ;)

Me @ 6 months ++

Baby @ 7 months...suckling her thumb...

Work is treating me like crazy...i am now 8 months++ and as the day to deliver the baby is approaching, i am more worried about my work rather than the delivery. Being in such a volatile state is so so worrying. However, it's a part of life and i need to go through it no matter what. Okla, to lift up the mood a little here are some pictures that can really put a smile to my face hehehe.

Baby @ 8 months..big eyes mcm mummy ke?

Baju2 dah basuh

Dah lipat elok2...

Daddy dah set up kan baby's drawers..rajin kan daddy

Us @ 8 months ++

See my tummy isn't that big ya? everybody said the same thing.. but the doc said " if ur tummy is large, how can u walk? " hmm betul gak kan? hehehe. But one good thing is everybody keeps on complimenting me on how berseri2 i am, how pretty i am..hehehe seronok jugak kan! And from that compliments most of them guessed correctly baby's gender... menurut doctor la kan..insyaAllah, we're expecting a baby girl :) seronoknye..... alhamdulillah...syukur sangat2...

June 30, 2010

Walk-walk in Muscat with Mr Husband

Due to the slowness of internet for me to do online banking and also to reply some office emails, i turn to blogging la next..hilang sket stress aku. After a week in Muscat, me and Mr Husband managed to stroll around by the beach, shopping sket2, lunch and dinner with friends and also attended a local wedding!

The weather here is very2 hot and dry..once we're out of the hotel, the heat will catch up on us. Plus i don't think it's appropiate la for me to wear short sleeve shirt here kan :D While Mr Husband is at the office during the day, i will spend some time studying for my assessment or hop on the hotel shuttle bus to the nearest shopping complex Qurum City Center. It's not a big complex though, but should be enough to shop for our necessities.

okla..there's mothercare and oshkosh hehehe..

Later in the evening, when Mr Husband is back from the office, we will stroll along the beach, dip2 sket ( i dunno how to swim though, takot!), chase the crabs by the beach, play pingpong (my expertise, confirm Husband kalah hehe) We also managed to drop by the traditional Muttrah souk, something like Central Market in Malaysia.


Beloved husband

Main2 air.. hehe

Colourful Muttrah souk -- match my outfit too!

During the weekend, one of the local staff invited us to attend his wedding...yeaa, i was extremely anxious to explore the Omanis' culture, especially the food nyum2...i heard their kenduri food is delicious hehehe dalam banyak2 mende, makan jugak mak debob ni ingat! Male and female guests were separated, the men were at the mosque while the ladies were at the house. We were entertained with sexxayy dances by the ladies. There were all kinds of songs accompanying the dances, be it lagu lame or ala2 lagu rap pon ade heheh. Fuhh, seriusly sexxayy, no wonder no men were allowed... or else pengsan beb!!

The ladies with the groom, hensem kan? Btw, the men and women here are seriously good looking...good for my baby hehehe!

See, they purposely wrap the selendang around the booty to emphasize the bootyliciousness..every women even children here can dance really well..syarat2 sah agaknye

The groom's family, they will dress simple like this first, then after eating before going to the bride's house they will change to a more bling-bling abayya' (jubah/dress)
Nasi beriani kambing yg sangat sedap, eat from the dulang ok..i didn't manage to capture the beautiful abayya' because i was busy...eating!!!

It was really2 interesting! I learned from Majid ( the groom ), the cost for every wedding is at least OMR10,000 (convert to RM--RM100,000) Best woo jadi the bride, she will be receiving lots of gifts including cash around OMR6000 (RM60000) and lots and lots of gold! I myself berpinar2 mate tgk emas yg banyak tu hehehhee. And guess what, the bride doesn't need to give anything pon to the groom! Ok what, with that bootylicious dance, i guess it's worth every penny *wink-wink* Thanks Majid for inviting us!! Love it..

So that's one lengthy post from me.... :D

June 23, 2010

Yang mana satu ye?

Lonjong ke depan or kembang at sides? (ke kembang dr setiap sudut, hahaha)
Me at 5 months+ (kat ofis ye tu...)

You're more likely to be carrying a boy if...

• Your baby's heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute

• you're carrying all out front and your bump appears "sharp"

• you're carrying low

• you're blooming in pregnancy

• you didn't suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester

• your right breast is bigger than your left

• you look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute and your pupils dilate

• you crave salty food or protein, such as cheese and meat

• your feet become cold more quickly than before you were pregnant

• you tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it moves in circles

• your skin becomes dry

• you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is even

• your hair has become more full-bodied and shiny during pregnancy

• the hair on your legs has been growing faster during pregnancy

• you are more prone to headaches

• your pillow faces north when you sleep

• you're asked to show your hands and you present them palms down

• you lie on your left side when sleeping

• your urine is bright yellow

• you were the more aggressive partner during love-making when you conceived

• you eat a clove of garlic and the smell seeps out of your pores

• your previous child's first word was "dada".

• your previous child (if a girl) looked more like a boy in her infancy

You're more likely to be having a girl if...

• Your baby's heartbeat is faster than 140 beats per minute

• you're carrying all round

• you're carrying high

• you've missed the "blooming" period altogether

• you suffered morning sickness during your first 12 weeks

• your left breast is bigger than your right

• you look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute, but your pupils don't dilate

• you crave sweet things, such as juice, fruit and sweets

• you tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it swings from side to side

• your skin is soft

• you are more moody than usual

• you're asked to show your hands and you present them palms up

• you were the less aggressive partner during love-making when you conceived

• you eat a clove of garlic, but you don't smell of it

• you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd

• your hair has become thinner and dull during pregnancy

• you lie on your right side when sleeping

• your pillow faces south when you sleep

• your urine is dull yellow

• your previous child's first word was "mama".

source from

June 21, 2010

Here I am !!

At Muscat Oman!! After not so long of thinking my husband approved the proposal of me coming over and accompanying him for 2 weeks, heheh. After 8 hours of filght from KL-Bahrain, 1 1/2 hours transit in Bahrain and 1 1/2 hours flight from last there he is...the man i missed most... sukenyeee, penat ke lenguh pinggang ke...dah xkira, hilang terus!

Gulf Air, among the affordable airlines to middle east.

View of Bahrain Airport from Gate 15

Muscat is different from other countries i've been to. Well, i've never been to any Middle East country, hence the difference :D Upon landing to Muscat, the view from the window was awesome! The sand dunes and the formation were really2 beautiful. Hopefully we'll have some time to explore the area. I thought of taking a city tour however Mr Husband said there's no such thing here, because the tourism industry is not established just yet! It's ok, i thought of searching the net about Oman and will plan something for the next few days..

View from Mr Husband's room, the Crowne Plaza Hotel is located by the sea

More view from the room, the 'it' residence are located along the hotel

Mr Husband's favourite spot...the pool...

Today i will just chill and enjoy the freedom..enough of going around yesterday, pity baby in the tummy...mummy sibuk, die pon sibuk dush-dush kiri kanan perut mummy hehehe...

June 13, 2010

From Impiana Cherating

I am scheduled for a meeting in Kerteh tomorrow. Very busy week for me. Moreover, Mr Husband seems keen for me to be with him in Oman soon. So i'll be taking like 2 weeks off. Hence the rush in settling all pending job. Anywhow, it's just a plan... ( i wish it comes true!)

May 31, 2010

What love can do....

Throughout +/- 5 months of pregnancy, i never felt sick. There was one time i mc because i was too lazy to go to work hehe...syhhh.... keep it to yourself plz, jgn bagitau En Zul plz. However..this time it was for real...and the main cause of my sickness is not the pregnancy, but....due to missing my husband terribly sobsob. i am down with flu and coughs. it started yesterday and this morning when i woke up for Subuh prayers and prepare to go to work, ummi insisted me to stay at home and rest for a day. normally i would be fine when husband is away, however this time i guess the gap between the last trip to this trip is too close. Thus affecting my toughness and machoness, haihh~

See people...what penangan cinta can do to a tough n macho lady like me...or should i say...Alpha Woman (bak kata Razeif) like me? Husband, balik cepat nah...i think baby is waiting for you to come home, to experience his/her first kick! :D

May 28, 2010

Post Mothers' Day Celebration

We had to postpone mother's day celebration as Mr Husband was away to Turkmenistan few weeks back. So once he's back we planned for a small vacation with my family to Cameron Highland, our favourite weekend getaway!! It was a thank you gift to my family for always being there for me when Mr Husband's away. Since i discovered i am pregnant he's been away for around 4 times including the latest one, yesterday hehehehe. He has an urgent meeting with the Government of Oman. Xpela, orang pentingkan...i org bawahan ni redha je la :p (redha dgn titisan air mata hehe)

So back to our topic, our trip was a 2 days one night trip and we stayed in Equatorial because it's really near to our favourite strawberry farm - Raju's!! And also because they have some offer and cost per room was a real bargain. Owh, before i forgot, we brought along Didi (the little girl ummi used to take care) and on the way up to Cameron Highland she vommitted suprising us with a waterfall of milo and nasi lemak, heheheh. Alahai Didi, macam2 la ko ni.

Didi and Atok before the waterfall incident

The first day upon arrival, we straight away head to Boh Tea farm which is located some 500m from our hotel. That's the distance to the simpang actually. Then we had to go through a series of very narrow and steep roads to the farm which comprises of the factories, the farm and also a really cool restaurant. Ummi said this would be her first and last time going up to this farm heheh. She restrain herself from breathing all the way up haha. But trust me , it's worth it! It's really2 cool and calming up here and the view is wonderful.

Husband, sis, Abah at Boh farm

Hubby n wifey (notice the yummeh arms? )

To be mummy and daddy in 4 months insyaAllah

Tenaga buruh kanak2

Meine Familie (missing you boy, next time we go together ok)

In the evening we bought some tidbits ( healthy ones-fried mushrooms and kimchins, corn in cups etc) I don'tknow why , those tidbits tasted really2 good up here, maybe because of the altitude i guess. Then we stroll around the small town, husband really2 loves Cameron and he even proposed for us to buy a property here! hm...okayla jugak kan. At night we had a really2 good and really2 cheap dinner at one of the ikan bakar place. it cost us only rm70 with servings of squid, 2 kinds of ikan bakar, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar , tomyam campur and multiple drinks!! Mind you the food is for 3 person each! Normally it would cause us maybe a good rm200 in KL ;) SEDAPPP!!

Didi yang teramat manja dgn nenek

Like father like daughter

The next day we woke up early, had our breakfast in the hotel and straight away head to Kea Farm for some serius shopping of vegetables, strawberries, dried fruits...and lots more! I was awed by the indonesians working here as they can actually converse in Mandarin ok...i myself tried several times during my lifetime to learn Mandarin but never succeeded!! Haih...need more determination i guess. Then we drop by Raju's place where they serve all kinds of desserts with strawberries...what can i say...waffles with cream and strawberries, strawberry shakes, strawberry ice creams...goodness, it was heavenly!! With the cool whether and good company...bahagianye... :D Last but not least, we had some tea and scones at Cameron Valley tea shop. Lepak2, minum teh, my sister Aziya bullied Didi, we took pictures...then we had home...

I heart US

It was a short trip but totally worth it...i am happy that i could make my parents words could describe the feelings when i see smiles of satisfaction and happiness painted on each of their faces. Thank you Ummi for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding me and letting me be myself. It's not easy to understand me i know, but you never failed to back me up all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you...for everything...hopefully i can be a wonderful mummy in the future, insyaAllah....