October 10, 2010


Hmm..this is difficult, first because i don't exactly know what to ask..second because i malu2 nak mengharap orang kasik apa2 hehe. Being 'me' i don't exactly have like tonnes of friends to beratur nak organize baby shower ke apa ke kan...i am grateful enough with doa2 agar dipermudahkan segala urusan, and alhmdulillah as for now i had a wonderful journey being pregnant. Everything went really well except for some cramps and muscle pain towards the end of the journey.

Back to the wishlist issue :) Earlier on, kak mas my good friend cum office mate did asked me to list down the things that i would like as presents..as that was way too early in my opinion, i put it on hold at that time. Then, few days back my Vietnam-clan asked me for the same thing..hmm...looks like it's gonna be a good time this time. Next week i'll start my medical leave starting effectively on Thursday, so the more reason to do it ;)

So here are some of the stuff that i would like for the baby.. (though most of the essential stuffs have been prepared by this to-be mummy and daddy)

1) Baby bouncer/rocker

2) Clip on Mini fan

3) Baby carrier/sling

5) Play mat/play gym

6) Musical mobile

7) Rattle / Toys

8) Baby clothes (variety sizes) / Blankets / Headbands ( well, baby girl kan insyaAllah)

9) Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump (Eh, this is for mummy or baby ek? hmm both la kan hehe)

P/S : Pictures are for guidance only...doesn't mean that i want the EXACT same thing hehehe

Wow..tadi cakap don't really know what to ask kan? Suddenly there's quite a number pulak huhu. Basically that's all that i can think of not according to order of importance la..if ade rezeki orang nak kasik alhamdulillah..or else doakan yang terbaik pon dah memadai... So dengan ini, saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada aunty2 and uncle2 yg meminta list ini...THANKS!


  1. aku betting dgn amin hari tu ko deliver 10.10.10
    xkene plak..

    make sure baby keluar 20102010 2010 hrs!!

  2. limau - hehehe, xhabis2 kan korang! kesian baby belum pape lagi dh stress. amin mmg dr hrtu dok ckp kat baby, kuar 20/10 ye...best tarikh tu. tp nye dah 19hb ni, aku mcm ok je lagi..xtaula kan!