October 21, 2010

Betul ke?

I am still pregnant. Still ok to do stuff around the house. I am on medical leave already, not because of any condition whatsoever but because my husband insist me to take it. He couldn't stand looking at this lady walking like a penguin from meeting to meeting..hehe..I am also very big, now weighing 68.9 kg. Doc Aziz said that my baby is not that big, so i don't have to worry..insyaAllah it will be a smooth delivery. According to the doctor my baby will weigh around 2.8kg - 3.0 kg je nanti. Okla kan, besar sgt susah plak nanti..asalkan semua ok sempurna and sihat is enough for me, insyaAllah.

I didn't feel any pain just yet, just the normal braxton hicks i guess..bahasa i masa ckp dgn doctor is " baby mengeras ada la doc "...hehehe doc pon gelakkan aku ok. dia kate okla tu ikut fahaman u..doc ckp " baby xmengeras la zairul, tu rahim awak preparing for labour "...ooo manela tau kan haha.

Last night before nak tido, i singgah toilet jap seperti biasa, and after peeing i noticed ada sket traces of blood, quite surprised! so i cleaned up and wipe the area with tissue but no traces dah. just that one time. in the morning i woke up pon there's no traces dah. husband called the hospital and asked about this, they said it's normal to have this traces and i don't have to go to the hospital just yet. i just need to monitor if there is more bloody shows and if i feel any contractions. if i do have any of that, then i should go to the hospital. As for now, xrase ape pon lagi..

betul ke i dont have to go to the hospital??


  1. betul... if you dont have any contractions with the bloody episodes, you're more likely to be sitting on the hospital beds for the next few days. paling best diorg suruh balik.. =)

    So, dont worry. once you feel contractions which is much like your braxton hicks tapi lebih kerap. Hah, pegi spital ok. you'll be on the way to see your little one.

    all the best yul..

  2. hawa : thanks hawa! can't wait actually, tp agak takutla sebenarnye :)

  3. dun worry k...
    insyaallah selamat suma ameen...

  4. All the best Zairul!

    Insya4JJI.. selamat dan comel. (^__^)