October 25, 2010

The time is just around the corner...

We had our weekly check up this evening and the doctor actually thought that i will already deliver by then hehe..BUT tadaaa~ here we are again! still ok..hehehe. Doc siap ckp, normally ibu2 will be very2 tired and not so active by now. But in my case dia kate " mummy n baby relaks je ". My husband and i couldn't agree more :) So, as planned from the last visit..we did a vaginal examination. The experience was, hmm...slightly painful, but bearable la..i did the flushing thingy previously and that was much much painful.

After the examination, the doc said " good, the baby is very fixed and engaged..and you pon dh masak " hehehe masak tu i guess maksudnye the perineum dah lembut and ready for delivery. The doc suggested for us to be admitted tomorrow evening (Tuesday) and be induced for delivery. InsyaAllah the delivery would be on Wednesday. He planned this because we are staying in Puchong currently and it would take a while to get to Prince Court Med Center. Plus on Wednesday he will be available all day long...so less hectic and no rushing! InsyaAllah....

So to all dear friends and family wherever you are, please pray for me...may it be a smooth and easy delivery insyaAllah. Di sini juga saya ingin memohon maaf di atas salah dan silap saya selama ini..doakan saya dan bayi saya selamat dan sihat sejahtera...Aminnnn....

p/s - doakan suami saya berjaya tanpa sebarang episod pengsan jugak ok..dia sedikit takut and mabuk darah juga adaa hehehe


  1. all the best yul..My prayers are with you... =)

  2. hehe..husband alid dulu, Mr Amien tu sempat le pucat lesi sekejap time nak deliver..siap sapu munyak cap kapak n vick pelbagai sbb takut pening..huhu

    semoga semuanye selamat..insyaAllah =)

  3. all the best ayul n hubs. insyaAllah everything will go smoothly. Amin.

  4. wahhh so exciting! i hope everything goes on well :)

  5. Insya4JJI.. All the best...
    Amin, jangan pengsan OK.. hoho :P

  6. hawa, aini, zu - thanks dear for all the wishes.. :)

    alida - hehehe, tula kan..semacho2 suami2 ni if bab2 wifey deliver pasti sedikit kantoi kan hehe. harap2 xdela pape 'situation'!

    izwan - thanks izwan, amin ckp 'mane mungkin' (dgn muka yg agak xpasti hehe)

  7. insyaallah selamat suma...ameen...