February 24, 2011

Iris's achievements & Selamat Pengantin Baru Onnie!

Iris is 3 months and 3 weeks already! She is quite a handful now, moving a lot and very demanding. However as she grows, the tantrums reduced alhamdulillah. Berkat bacaan ayat2 lazim such as 3 quls, Kursi, Insyirah every now and then. She is a very happy baby, smiles a lot and laugh aloud happily whenever she watches cartoons or when we make funny faces. At night, after her night feed she straight away sleeps soundly through out the night. She didn't have any problem sleeping by herself in her cot. We have also travelled around Malaysia with Iris, she has been to Cameron Highlands, Kulai Johor, and all major shopping complexes in KL hehehe. Alhamdulillah she loves her car seat and had no problem travelling long journey. Maybe we can plan for an oversea trip ye daddy hehehehe.

Iris penat melayan tetamu at Onnie's reception

Mummy suka dress-up Iris hehehe

Iris loves her carrier

Weight wise she is not that tembam or gedebot. I think because she's a breastfed baby so her milk is digested well and the nutrients she's getting is not too much, just nice for her needs. The doctor said it's good because nowadays there's a lot of obesity problem even with babies...kesian...owh, one major acheivement is.....she rolled over yesterdayyy!!! yeay! without assistance and witnessed by nenek as mummy was at work, sobsob! she has been turning to her sides and i know the rolling over is coming, but i never thought that it would be this fast hehe. Congrats darling, mummy loves u soo much! No pictures because she cried after the success hehe, tangan tersepit and terkejut kot. So nenek xsempat snap! *frust*

Iris, nenek, onnie and ponnie

Cantik kan? Dress by Hatta Dolmat

On other event, i would like to wish Selamat Pengantin Baru to my cousin Annenurziella aka Onnie...semoga berbahagia bersama Ekhsan aka Ponnie hehehe. Semoga jodoh anda diberkati and dimurahkan rezeki selalu..what i like about this couples is that they are soooo sweet! i just love the way Ekhsan convey his love to Onnie..very honest and straight to the point hehe. I can see love love love in their pictures together, because i didnt have a chance to lepak with them as a couple. Pesan ku kepada kalian, bersabarla menghadapi masa depan yg penuh dugaan, insyaAllah dengan kasih sayang and doa kepada Allah, semuanya akan ok! aminnnn

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

February 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today 14th February 2011, celebrates the 2nd year of our anniversary.. :) Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for all the blessing to our small family. Syukur atas segala ujian2 dan anugerah2 yg diberikan. InsyaAllah, we will try to be a better ummah and a better parents to our precious Iris.

To dear husband, no matter how long or how far apart we are from each other...the most important thing is we love and we miss each other very2 much every single day. Thank you very much for being a great husband to me and a loving dad to Iris. I appreciate the sacrifices you made to ensure that we have a better life in the future. Thanks for showering me with love and gratitude all this while. I am sorry if i have ever hurt your feelings or being inconsiderate at times. I will try my best to be the best companion for you, now and forever...insyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah...syukur ke hadrat Ilahi....

February 4, 2011

Memories in Friendster

I was so bored that I went through almost all the pictures in my laptop. Then I remember I have a few old photos in Friendster. I opened up my Friendster account. Wow, it was like a walk down memory lane. I went through a couple mails in my Friendster. I remember all the new friends I made (and lost), all the relationships I had and ended, heartache with ex, my ex-best friend, relationship with a non-existing girl (complicated to write about it).

While I was browsing my non-active account, there was 1 friendster profile that caught my eyes. The profile was ZairulAsrah. Actually, since the final year of my university days, I have already had my eyes on her but I did not approach since she was not available (neither was I).

When I think about it, maybe God was preparing myself for this one special person and in order to do that I had to go through all of the relationships I had and heartache I had to go through to appreciate this one special person. Alhamdulillah, I am very thankful that happened because the relationship I have with this special person is so special and could not be compared with my previous ones. I love her so much with all my heart and really think of her as my soulmate. We are very much alike (except my perut is bigger). Now, we are married with our new born daughter, Iris and as they say, the rest is history....

PS: I love you so much, Zairul Asrah....