June 24, 2009

I am sorry, my love.....

It has been a while since I am stucked in Vietnam doing my job as a well test engineer. And I miss everyone at home especially my wife. I am sorry sayang. I know I always make you sad with my work and everything but I just want to say that I really love you for who you are sayang. Nothing is gonna change that. I pun sedih bile i buat you sedih sayang. I am very sorry for that. I will be back soon sayang. When I see you, I will be the happiest man in the airport.

June 23, 2009


Yeszaa, i am totally down...with Mr Husband not being around and also with the favouritism kicking-in the Company!!! Tolongla..i can be sabar at one time, but if it's too much, penatla aku weyy.. mcmanela org Melayu nak berjaya kalau mcmnila sikap org2 kita..hiyaa..penatt!!

p/s - patutla the Company di penuhi org2 LUAR yg mengambil kesempatan terhadap hasil negara kita..sbb org kita semua dh x larat tgk dishonesty and sikap2 x professional dlm Company..hmmm

June 19, 2009

mY Preciouss...

The little boy crying is baby Aish (Fareez Idham). Oya (my Sis) rampas die from me and nak sangkut die kat pokok, mane tak nangis budak tu kan! He used to be our neighbour in Banting and we took care of him and his sister since they were babies. My ummi wasn't actually the nanny but they really like to lepak at our house and go everywhere with us. Plus we really like babies and children so xpela..kecil tapak tgn Twin Towers ku tadahkan.. This little Aishh is really2 bright, bijak bercakap and his vocab is beyond the capability of kids his age.

One day, mase baru2 kawen we took him from his parents' home, in Amin's car die dgn pantasnye cakap " Kak, kereta akak mane? nanti balik naik kereta akak ye, x best la kereta abg ni..kerasss " hehhe..berdesing je telinga Mr Husband bile seorg budak kecik commented his pride n joy - Temah the Audi A4 heheh. Sorry darling, die suke my Johnie Rush laa...then mase tgk2 our wedding albums lagi skali die berkata " Kak, kenapa akak kawin dgn abg ni..kenapa akak x kawin dengan abg ni (sambil point to my friend Khairy) " Hehehe, skali lagi berdesing telinga Mr Husband hehehe. Kate Husbandku " Kalau tau tinggal tepi jalan tadi, biar naik bas "

Mase Aishh kecik sket, to headband my Sis, i asked him to model it..he actually wore it all day long..heheheh....

Wawa & Aishh lepak2 at our house

This little girl is the most famous ( in Bandar Mahkota ) Nur Adrianna Ariesya aka Didie. Since 3 months old my Ummi took care of her..buat kawan2 my Ummi said, sebab Ummi boring dok sorang2 kan. Why famous? Because she loveesss to cry all the time..pantang sakit sket, sangkut kat mane2 ke, amin jeling sket ke..habisla..menangis la bagai nak rak. Dgn my dad aka Atuk and my Ummi aka Nenek je die ok. Kesian Amin, everytime he calls for Didie, she will climb over us while crying profusely mcm tgk hantu ok...yela yang, u kan size mat saleh kannn...

Didie with Nenek and Akak at the Airport waiting for Abg Boy ( my brother )
Whenever i'm down..i always turn to them...they could really make my day! Children are very pure and honest. They are always so truthful in whatever they say. Whenever Mr Husband is away i will make it a point to at least visit them, because i know their smiles can heal my aching heart.. I miss you guys all the time ok, muahs2...and miss you to BamBam Husband!!

June 15, 2009

What?? Againn??

That was my reaction when Mr Husband called early Friday morning from the immigration..he was AGAIN sent by the biggie boss to offshore (Vietnam plak) for God knows how long, hmm..this time around i was really2 pissed off, kesian Mr Husband get to listen and read all those emotional messages hehe. Yelakan, mane tak nye..crazy ke ape, x sampai 2 weeks dah kene sent off lagi. I would have understand la if skali skala, tapi kalau dah sebegini kekerapannye...WTH?? Yela, i know this is something that i have to accept working with an oil and gas company, plus kawen with rakan sekerja..memang inila hakikatnye...however, come on la biggie boss!! What? ingat org lain TIADA life ke??

Being a very loving and understanding husband, Mr Husband promised to negotiate with the biggie boss to at least gap kan the offshore trips...or else susahla we all nak organize our married life kan? kesian kite yang...sobsob...kesian lagi i...asyik2 kene tinggal. Your pujukan to go off somewhere when you're back sudah xjalan dah this time around, i don't really care..what's important is for you to be by my side...i really2 miss you yang :( Sape nak habiskan i makan? Sape nak buat i gelak macam org gile? Sape nak gossip dgn i? Sape nak bagi i the most-famous-Amin-hug? Sobsob...

First time balik kampung Kedah (during labour day)

At Uncle Ed's home in Alor Setar

Yang, balik cepat ok...i tunggu you...

June 12, 2009


Semenjak dua menjak the COMPANY re-org, everybody including me & Mr Husband are tired all the time. We really worked our a** off everyday and end up being tired once we landed our bum on the car seat. I just got upgraded from my job as a petrophysicist, well...upgraded in terms of workload and responsibilites ok, not SALARY, not even job grade. It seems that the COMPANY does not have enough staff to accomodate the business, so we the not-so-new staff had to be upgraded pre-maturely..i guess...but hey, i'm not complaining...i thank the company for sponsoring my studies and giving me a chance to serve the country..seriusly, i bukan main2 ok. Or else why did i quit from the higher paid company (Schlu***rge*) when the COMPANY offered me a job approximately 3 years ago...
Hakikatnye the COMPANY is where one should be at this GAWAT time...it is stable and most reliable..alhamdulillah, di kala banyak company bungkus, kami masih mampu meneruskan perjuangan kami...penat memang penat...everyday i would try to finish up my assignments, but the new ones kept coming in, fuuhh~ tension ok..not easy money my friend...
Now, working in a team where most of them are more senior than me, it would be a challenge for me..however, i am grateful as they are very young at heart heheheeh...new faces, new beginning..

June 8, 2009

Kemalasan Tahap Maksimum

It's not actually my fault la kan..hehe...i balas dendam for all those kelam kabutness and havocness and tiredness of organizing the reception, seriusly next time anak2 aku buffett je ye sayang2 ku...or else if you guyz rajin like ur ibu than go ahead..haha. Apart from that, the lazyness was caused by the fact that Mr Husband was sent to Labuan for some job exactly 2 days after the reception..hmm emo aku sekejap. Tapi, dah keje kan...i pon rindu2an la sorang2. Lagi satu alasan, i left my broadband at my parents home..mcmane nak blog kan? hehe
Alhamdulillah, now everything's done! The reception was great ( for me la )..i was really happy not because of the reception itself, but due to the fact that i met lots of friends whom i missed dearly..it was also the place of family gathering..thank you so much to my family and also the inlaws ( especially mama ) for making our dreams come true! To Aeza and Syed thanks for being the pengapits, appreciate it so much...To friends who managed to attend the reception, thank you soo much..it was great to see all of you again after sooo long...To those who couldn't make it, what to do...but seriusly rugi wooo...best tuuu....The pictures by the photographer are not ready yet, but there are a few from friends who attended the reception, thank you guyz..pinjam ek!
Dewan Perdana Felda
Our Singgahsana

Mr & Mrs & The Pengapits

Babah & Mama merenjis

TokSue Merenjis

Ummi ku ~ ( gelak2 sbb die renjis2 dgn overnye )

Tada~ change of wardrobe!

Mr Husband makan kek dgn comotnye

The bagpipers (x-Saint Johns) cool! The favourites among all
The event went smoothly ( belakang tabir, rahsiaaa..hehe) not too long, not too short. Or else the guests would be sleepy by the end of the event. Hopefully those who attended enjoy the event..we have tried our best to entertain everybody..kalau ada terkurang or tersilap tang mana2 che' minta maaf sangat2...thanks again!! If the photos from others dah ready, will update more...

June 2, 2009

Reception dah selesai

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since my wife and i posted something on our blog. On last Saturday (23/5/09), my wife and i had our reception at Dewan Perdana Felda. Everything went fine as planned. Alhamdulillah. My friends attended the ceremony. Everyone looked happy. So was i. Oh ya, I had to smile 24/7 so that the pictures wouldnt have my muncung face on them. hehe. Thank you everyone for coming and thank you, sayang (my wife) for being a good wife to me. I love you so much. 2 days after my reception, I had to go to Labuan for equipment inspection. :( but it wasnt all that bad.hehehe.

Now with everything done, I would concentrate on renovating my house, pasang grille, kitchen cabinet and all and oh ya, mod my car. next week would be the week in which my car will obtain a new heart, subaru wrx sti heart. I know it sounds crazy having an audi with a subaru heart but that was what I have always wanted. after that it done, would concentrate on making my car look like the one in the pic. Gotta have those LED lights from B8. coming soon- audi a4 with boxer burble sound. Bot! bot! bot! bot! hehe. Thank you sayang for supporting this.hehe