June 2, 2009

Reception dah selesai

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since my wife and i posted something on our blog. On last Saturday (23/5/09), my wife and i had our reception at Dewan Perdana Felda. Everything went fine as planned. Alhamdulillah. My friends attended the ceremony. Everyone looked happy. So was i. Oh ya, I had to smile 24/7 so that the pictures wouldnt have my muncung face on them. hehe. Thank you everyone for coming and thank you, sayang (my wife) for being a good wife to me. I love you so much. 2 days after my reception, I had to go to Labuan for equipment inspection. :( but it wasnt all that bad.hehehe.

Now with everything done, I would concentrate on renovating my house, pasang grille, kitchen cabinet and all and oh ya, mod my car. next week would be the week in which my car will obtain a new heart, subaru wrx sti heart. I know it sounds crazy having an audi with a subaru heart but that was what I have always wanted. after that it done, would concentrate on making my car look like the one in the pic. Gotta have those LED lights from B8. coming soon- audi a4 with boxer burble sound. Bot! bot! bot! bot! hehe. Thank you sayang for supporting this.hehe

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