May 20, 2009

Guess who's back in town??


My brother is back!! This young-to-be doctor is back exclusively for my wedding reception this Saturday, hehe...he missed all the merisik, engagement and nikah this would be his last chance to witness (and belajar sket2, belajar je ok apply later2 ok) the experience to be Raja Sehari and what not. He is currently a student studying medicine in Bangalore India under Mara sponsorship, and due to kasih sayang tidak terhingga terhadap the most beautiful kakak (sorry aziya, betul kan?) my little brother sanggup cut classes and risk not coming back for Raya holidays this year! (unless Abg Ipar nak sponsor..hmm???)

Hensem tak?
Boy, i am not sure you're reading this or not...but i would like to convey my thousands of thanks and gratitudes to you..thanks for all the support and love ( kan,kan,kan?)..insyaAllah, turn ko nanti ( not anytime soon ok, belajar dulu ) i will give back in return..bak kate The Company 'Energy Receive,Energy Return' hehehehe...
p/s-will be fetching him at the airport some time in noon..see yaa...

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