May 20, 2009

Guess who's back in town??


My brother is back!! This young-to-be doctor is back exclusively for my wedding reception this Saturday, hehe...he missed all the merisik, engagement and nikah this would be his last chance to witness (and belajar sket2, belajar je ok apply later2 ok) the experience to be Raja Sehari and what not. He is currently a student studying medicine in Bangalore India under Mara sponsorship, and due to kasih sayang tidak terhingga terhadap the most beautiful kakak (sorry aziya, betul kan?) my little brother sanggup cut classes and risk not coming back for Raya holidays this year! (unless Abg Ipar nak sponsor..hmm???)

Hensem tak?
Boy, i am not sure you're reading this or not...but i would like to convey my thousands of thanks and gratitudes to you..thanks for all the support and love ( kan,kan,kan?)..insyaAllah, turn ko nanti ( not anytime soon ok, belajar dulu ) i will give back in return..bak kate The Company 'Energy Receive,Energy Return' hehehehe...
p/s-will be fetching him at the airport some time in noon..see yaa...

May 16, 2009

~Taipei Taipan Photoshoot~

In my previous post i mentioned about MIL dissatisfaction of our photographer during the nikah ceremony, thus MIL arranged for a photo session with Taipei Taipan Bridal Gallery which is located at Jalan Ipoh. It was totally worthy...memang berpuas hati sangat2..all the pictures are sharp and not to mention beauutifuuullll...hehehe (kasik can la i puji diri sendiri ok) Here are some of the pictures...


Seriusly whoever is looking for a photographer, do consider this bridal gallery...the quality is superb!! I know my fussy Husband is very satisfied, haa..hebatla tu lepas piawaian dia tau...hehhe

May 15, 2009

Dulu & Sekarang

I used to be very 'bambam' during my Uni became worse after i started working. I wasn't actually fat, but seriously very very chubby! Last year after i got back from my assignment in Vietnam, i got serius in reducing my weight, hehe..and alhamdulillah it works!!

Bambam Me! Look at those yummylicious thighs..yummeh!

A Better Me!

Hopefully i am determined enough to take care of my health...i've never felt better!!

May 9, 2009

What i like about HIM the most..

Mr Husband never fails to make me laugh..the best quality in him is the ability to make everyone around him to laugh ( dgn lawak2 antarabangsanye ). My officemates described him as "Amin yg selalu seenyyyuuummm je tu" hehehe. He can easily make a joke on any topic, which sometimes i don't understand pon...but amazingly my parents, my siblings, Eiza can really laugh hysterically...entahla...maybe our jokes are not the same channel kot, heheh. What can really make me laugh are his gestures, his facial expressions etc. I memang xboleh tahan tgk ekspresi muke dia...contohnye...

How can i tahan this kind of expressionlaaa...hahahahahhahahahah

p/s - love u dear heehehe...

May 6, 2009

~Lesson Learnt~

Last week Mr Husband was down with fever..however he was disciplined enough to eat all those medications provided by the doctor, so his fever didn't last that long. But 3 days was enough..Mr husband had this long face alll the time! Nak tergelak pon ade, tension pon ade, hehhe. Yela kan, badan boleh tahan "macho" tapi demam sket terus flat, whenever i left him alone he will dozed off right away..hmm...mcm2 la...
And then, maybe because i bullied my husband during his down time..i pulak yg demam hehe. And you know what, it was my turn now to mengada2 and lembik2 all the time. Though i tried to be macho, i gave up with the dizziness, sneezing and all. Mr husband plak like always manjakan isteri terchenta hehe. Sket2...touch my forehead " Sayang, u ok tak?" So the lesson learnt is not to bully other people, especially para suami...ok isteri2 semuaa??
Psstt...During the labour day holiday, Mr husband, my parents and i took the opportunity to Balik Kampung!! This is the first time for my husband to balik kampung in was really awesome! I'll be uploading the pictures once the fever is off and away...daaa~