August 23, 2011

My breastfeeding journey with Shaklee

Alhamdulillah it has been almost 10 months I'm being Iris's milky bar. It is truly an achievement for me! If people asked me a year ago, could I breastfeed my daughter for 10 months? I know I would be doubting myself then, typical me, afraid to give hope to myself!! However deep inside, I would love to breastfeed my daughter for as long as possible.

I was very lucky because i was introduced to Shaklee trial pack for breasfeeding mommies since I got back to the office and since then I never missed my daily dose of vitamins. Alhamdulillah I managed to keep up with my daughter's demand and apart from the daily supply, I still have a deep freezer full of expressed breast milk.

My frozen Ebm

Moved to a larger storage

Thanks to Shaklee for helping me provide the best to my baby. I believe everybody can do it, as long as you diligently pump, eat good food and get enough vitamins ( as for me I choose Shaklee!! ).

So to those who are interested to try the vitamins you can simply call me zairul - 0162158301. I am now Shaklee independent distributor, because I would like to help fellow mommies out there!! I'll share some of my customers/ friends testimonials in the next post insyaAllah..

P/s - you can also email me at or just drop a message here.. I'll definitely get back to you!

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August 15, 2011

Forever Love

Precious moment...

Dearest Iris...mummy Sayang sgt anak mummy. Iris adalah anugerah terindah buat mummy dr Allah. Mummy sgt2 bersyukur dianugerahkan anak yg sgt sempurna dan bijak. Mummy sanggup buat apa saja utk anak mummy ni. No matter what, mummy will try to be by your side . Mummy will try to be the best mummy to you, my lil angel. Harapan mummy agar anak mummy membesar dgn sihat Dan sempurna Dan menjadi insan yg berguna Dan anak yg solehah insyaAllah.. I love u sayangku Iris Afrina Mohd Aminuddin.. Forever...

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