April 29, 2009

Tension Giler

Sangat2 la tension kalau kite berusaha bersungguh2 tp usaha tu x dihargai

Sangat2la tension kalau org asyik nampak salah kite, yg baik xnampak pulak

Sangat2la tension kalau kite je beria2 buat sesuatu tp org yg patut contribute jugak buat bodoh

Sangat2la tension kalau org ingat kite la penyebab kepada sesuatu yg xberjaya padahal bukan salah kite pon...

Sangat2la tension kalau kite dah cakap yg kite xpuas hati tapi xde hasil pon, xberubah pape

Sangat2la tension, teramat2 xtau ape nak buat dah, geram sgt2....

April 28, 2009

Bukit Tinggi Trip..Honeymoon no.2??

Due to the heavy workload of Mr husband and i in the office, plus the preparation for the reception we were always on the run. Even weekends we would have very limited quality times together. So..Mr husband suggested for a weekend getaway, somewhere near but romantic enough hehe. This idea became reality a few days after Mr husband came back from Labuan, weehoo..syoknye!

We opted for Bukit Tinggi because both of us had fun during the last trip we were there, me with my family while Mr husband dgn ermm..ex girlfriend kot hehehe. I remembered Bukit Tinggi especially the Botanical garden and Japanese garden were reallllyyy cold. The air was very refreshing and cool from day to night.

Our suite in Bukit Tinggi, it was spacey and it's great that we had our privacy once a while (almaklumla, dok umah In Laws)

In front of Colmar Tropicale - not very congested..good timing yang!

Last time i remembered, we don't have to climb all the way up to the Japanese garden, but this time we need to park our car at the car park and proceed by walking or more likely hiking all the way up, hehehe. Kesian Mr Husband, hensem2 skali kene mendaki plak... :p

Ikan2 kap Jepun yang teramatla gemuk..fatsoo fishes...

Surprisingly Bukit Tinggi wasn't like what we expected, it wasn't cold anymore..the flowers are dying, no more colourful beautiful flowers, even the strawberries are not there anymore! Apart from that, it was very very hot. It's like in KL except for it's scenery and buildings. However, being with my love one compensate all that, we had fun and we enjoyed every single time being together..

Mr Husband & Fatsoo Rabbit

Me & Skinny Donkey

Though Bukit Tinggi is not cool anymore, we made the best of the trip..we had dinner while being serenade by romantic music, we watched acrobatic show, we got our potrait drawn, we visited the animal park and eat lots and lots of good food, hehehe.. A funny incident occured while visiting the animal park, the donkey fell in love with Mr Husband I guess!! Every time he talked to the donkey, it got excited and started showing his teeth to everybody!! Yikess...not a really good view ok..hehehe
All in all we had a blast berkepit all the time...Thanks Yang for the trip...Bile ek nak pegi trip2 lagi? heheheh demanding plak...

April 23, 2009

April is a celebration month!!

We celebrated lots of events in April..first and foremost my parents' 27th anniversary on the 12th of April. It wasn't actually a blow-the-candle celebration, however it was a celebration of lots and lots of delicious food cooked by my Ummi and my beautiful sistaa..hehehhe. Me? i joined the cooking session too, but u see, my husband needed my attention after being away to Labuan..hehe (alasan!) There are no photos of us, but we sure did snap the photos of the food...yummyyy!!

Udang kepala penyet masak butter garlic, ayam rendang aziya

pelbagai jenis udang Mr husband bwk dr Labuan
Lobster black pepper, tiger prawn masak sambal

Next celebration was my BFF birthday...the suku abad celebration of Aezareena Ghazali!! Dah tua dah ko ek..hehehe. We celebrated her birthday (17th April) at William's Kelana Jaya..this was the first time for Eiza and the second time for me..It was super duper delicious...setiap hari mkn sini pon i ok, hehehe...konfem bambam! Like always, Mr husband tagged along... :p

Birthday girl & Mr husband

Among the most sought after food here..mashed potato & meatballs..and nasi goreng ketam

Mr husband succeeded in increasing my body weight..hiyaa..i am now officially afraid of the weighing machine!! Tapi, what to do..i am surrounded by good cook and good food all the time!

Next was another of my BFF birthday which is today...Puan Masyanti, happy birthday!! Even though we are apart, you will always be remembered...missing all those time we spend together babe! If you're around KL, surely we will lepak2 together...however, we're 2 1/2 hours (by car) apart...so the best i can do is to post you a birthday pressie, hope you like it! Mas is also expecting, she's going to be a mummy soon..so happy for u!

Mas & Husband

Apart from all this celebration, Mr husband & I got a chance to run away from the hustle bustle of KL...where to? hehe...we'll save this for the next post...hehe

April 15, 2009

Bukit Tabur 12th Apr 2009

6 of us gathered at Petronas Station, Taman Melati at around 8.30am (Limau gile janji melayu, hehe). It's 7 actually, including Mr Husband but as he is not into climbing, his plan was to survey for any air terjun site if there are any laa..and to wait for the beloved wife at the bottom of the bukit, hehe. As we reached there, there were a group of UM students who were warming up and getting ready to climb up. Kitorang ni pulak, gelak2 huha huha terus naik, dah tgh jalan barula teringat " eh, kite tak warming up ek" hiyaa..

On the way to the entry point

On the way up up and awayy

Go go go...eiza started humping and puffing, hehe

The track was quite steep and luckily the futsal training kept my stamina up and going. However as we reached the rope part ( where most of the accidents occurred ) the track was getting a wee bit difficult. We need to be extra careful going up and down the steep (almost vertical) 'cerun'. However, we still had fun all the way. The view was getting much better everytime we reached a higher point. Apart from that, the team was great! Though some of us just met for the first time, we clicked instantly. We laughed all the way up and down the hill, hehe. The six of us are me,Litong,Limau,Dba,Eiza, Kak Yatt...

Eiza : Bile nak sampai ni??

Me : Err...sekejap je lg... (alamak!)

Beautiful view...we can see the whole KL,Selangor,Klang...

View of the Klang Gate Dam..cantik kan?

"Eh, besarnye rumah Yusof Haslam..."

Sampai akhirnye...sukses! sukses! sukses!

All in all we had an awesome adventure...hopefully we'll get a chance to do this again. Eiza, it was your first time doing something extreme like this, hehe...i am soo proud of you...next time kite pegi lagi ye? hehehehe. To dear husband, thanks a lot for keeping up with ur super hyper wife...next time i belajar dok diam2 ok...love you!

April 12, 2009

Cars and girls

Cars and girls are sort of the same. There are cheap ones and there are expensive ones. Cheap cars are easy to maintain but sometimes they are not what you dream of during the night. Expensive cars are expensive to maintain but there are so many reasons why they are expensive: sexy, fast (ehem), pretty. Whatever the reason it maybe, everyone has to buy cars according to their own budget. One thing is for sure, after a while, you may get bored of the car and that is when it is time to get a new one. Big problem occurs when you have such an expensive car and you need to trade it to a new one, nobody is willing to buy it from you. Moreover, new and modern looking car is the in thing and the old style has to go.

My dream car (Audi S5)

The idea is to get a "bargain" car. Find one which is not too expensive but still gives you the necessary qualities you want. Find cars which style last for a long period of time (much like the mustang, eleanor in gone in 60 seconds). Or even a clk mercedes to give u a comfortable ride, reliability on road and also the lovely face in the mirror. In my case, I have found the suitable "car" for me and I love the "car" so much, everyday and every night. Love you, "car"..... :)

Black Clk with huge rims. Classy and sexy

I love SPORTS!!


Since i was little, my family and i are verryy into sports! We would spend our weekends going to martial arts classes, jogging, swimming ( walaupon gue sekadar ikan bandaraya ) and lots more! My parents are very supportive, they would always be in the classes to cheer for us. So i have this fond memories in this sports world of mine. Till now, whenever i have a chance i would spare myself for sports activities. During my uni years, I was the President for my T**kwon** Club, I joined the Kemb**a Club and what not. Until at one time, I had to decide which should i focused to! Nowadays, i don't really do martial arts simply because no one i know share the same interest in T**kwon**. However, i discovered some new interests such as Futsal, Badminton, Pocho2 + Aerobic. When i was single i would play Futsal almost every week! This was introduced to me by my x-housemate, Azirul and her Geologist friends...and since then i was soo addicted to Futsal. Now that i'm married, and my husband is constantly away..i would also fill my free/lonely time with sports activities eg. Badminton ( Eiza ajar ) and Pocho2...


The Geologists Pocho2 Team ( my Futsal-mate too!)

Eiza & i lepakking after badminton

Tomorrow i will be climbing Bukit Tabur in Melawati, KL. Yess, that's where the 2 Ampang Puteri doctors dropped and died...everyone reminded me about that, thank you all. I promised to Ummi,Abah,Mas,Kak Mai....I will be extra careful! Eiza will be joining me too, yeaa...that's gonna add the fun. InsyaAllah selamat pergi dan selamat pulang...Mr Husband will be sending me off and will be waiting patiently for the Wife at the bottom of the Bukit, hehehe.. (i siap beli kasut baru lg, ok..)
Bukit Tabur, here we come!

April 7, 2009

Sneak peek of the preparation for the 'majlis'

The preparation for the majlis is on going..being a standard size girl it's quite easy to look for my baju, hehe. But for Mr Husband...totally different story...after several malay bridal galleries we almost gave up. Most of the baju are at most L size, being a 'saiz mat saleh' ( kene jaga hati sket )..aiyoo...susah mau masuk...so at last we (MIL, me) came up with the idea to try using the bollywood style suits. There're two types, the long one and the short one. So we'll see what will be used during the Majlis, heheheh. Enjoy the pictures...


Testing2....muat alhamdulillah, hehehe (jgn marah!)

April 5, 2009

Hectic Week!

I am glad the week is almost over..from Monday to Friday, Husband and I have been attending a course by Next Training. I must say the trainer is much much knowledgeable compared to the Company's principal and what not. Amazingly i never felt sleepy at all and he actually had all the answers to Mr Husbands' 'generous' questions. I pity the Company to have to pay the expatriates tonnes of money but still they could not deliver the knowledge to us who are in need of exposure. But what to do...in the O&G world, what really matters are the number of years of experience. Setakat kita yang 2,3 tahun pengalaman ni cikai je to them, aiyaa...

Apart from that, today i had a great fun hunting for bridal photography session in Jalan Ipoh. This is because the one we had during our nikah was terrible, seriusly i tak pernah tengok sloppy artwork like that...luckily MIL pitied us and sponsored a few other sessions with different photographers ( Thanks a lot mama! ). The one in Jalan Ipoh, Taipei Taipan is marvellous..the sample pictures are romantic and i really hope it could be the same for our session which will be next week, weee....can't wait romantika2 bergambar2....hehehe. Tomorrow will be our invitation card collecting day...this need another post..hmm...i really need to warn others about this card shop... :| Takpela...we'll see the cards tomorrow....then i can comment more.. Even it has been a tiring week, nevertheless i enjoyed the journey with the company of my love ones ( walaupun asyik2 merajuk dengan Mr Husband...x kira, nak jugak jugak!! )

April 1, 2009

The right one?

Mr husband is finally di daratan hehehe, and yes...that' s the reason the blog was not updated during the weekend. Luckily there's a course that Mr Husband really need to attend to fulfill his capability bla bla bla...so the boss finally let him leave the rig and pulang ke pangkuan the bored-until no feeling already-wife. And...the best part was, with great intelligence i quickly registered for the same course ( can what, we're in the same skill group what? ) so that we can spend more time together, hehehe. So here we are at my parents home (as the course is in KLIA) enjoying each others' company, attend the course together, lunch together, everything together hehe. The best part is we have the luxury to leave the house at 8am and reach the venue just on time, best wooo...kan best if the Company has any subsidiaries around here!

During the course a friend asked me ' how can we know whether he's the right one or not? '
Immediately my answer was...'emm, you'll know it, you will have this feeling of comfort and relieved'. I think every girl would have this kind of feeling when you have done your most important part which is to pray to Allah and ask for HIS blessings and 'petunjuk'. As for me, this part is very important apart from blessings from my family. Never ever do anything or decide on anything without our family's blessings..if we think hard enough, they really do know us and of course wants the best for us :) Insya Allah, happiness awaits for us...

I have a few friends out there ( you know who you are ) who actually doubted themselves but keep on trying to look at the bright side . It is good you know, to be positive but sometimes you need to trust your instinct. Never ever love someone too much without giving a chance for yourselves to be happy. Love is meant to be shared, so what's the point of keeping your partner happy when you rot deep inside. If he/she is the one...you will never feel this way, trust me...been there, done that! Sometimes we may have to just let it go...if you are treated horribly when you gave every drop of love that you could..don't feel bad, he/she is the one who didn't deserve you..you deserve someone much much better!! Allah has His own way to show us miracles...

and Alhamdulillah...i am blessed....