April 23, 2009

April is a celebration month!!

We celebrated lots of events in April..first and foremost my parents' 27th anniversary on the 12th of April. It wasn't actually a blow-the-candle celebration, however it was a celebration of lots and lots of delicious food cooked by my Ummi and my beautiful sistaa..hehehhe. Me? i joined the cooking session too, but u see, my husband needed my attention after being away to Labuan..hehe (alasan!) There are no photos of us, but we sure did snap the photos of the food...yummyyy!!

Udang kepala penyet masak butter garlic, ayam rendang aziya

pelbagai jenis udang Mr husband bwk dr Labuan
Lobster black pepper, tiger prawn masak sambal

Next celebration was my BFF birthday...the suku abad celebration of Aezareena Ghazali!! Dah tua dah ko ek..hehehe. We celebrated her birthday (17th April) at William's Kelana Jaya..this was the first time for Eiza and the second time for me..It was super duper delicious...setiap hari mkn sini pon i ok, hehehe...konfem bambam! Like always, Mr husband tagged along... :p

Birthday girl & Mr husband

Among the most sought after food here..mashed potato & meatballs..and nasi goreng ketam

Mr husband succeeded in increasing my body weight..hiyaa..i am now officially afraid of the weighing machine!! Tapi, what to do..i am surrounded by good cook and good food all the time!

Next was another of my BFF birthday which is today...Puan Masyanti, happy birthday!! Even though we are apart, you will always be remembered...missing all those time we spend together babe! If you're around KL, surely we will lepak2 together...however, we're 2 1/2 hours (by car) apart...so the best i can do is to post you a birthday pressie, hope you like it! Mas is also expecting, she's going to be a mummy soon..so happy for u!

Mas & Husband

Apart from all this celebration, Mr husband & I got a chance to run away from the hustle bustle of KL...where to? hehe...we'll save this for the next post...hehe

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