April 1, 2009

The right one?

Mr husband is finally di daratan hehehe, and yes...that' s the reason the blog was not updated during the weekend. Luckily there's a course that Mr Husband really need to attend to fulfill his capability bla bla bla...so the boss finally let him leave the rig and pulang ke pangkuan the bored-until no feeling already-wife. And...the best part was, with great intelligence i quickly registered for the same course ( can what, we're in the same skill group what? ) so that we can spend more time together, hehehe. So here we are at my parents home (as the course is in KLIA) enjoying each others' company, attend the course together, lunch together, everything together hehe. The best part is we have the luxury to leave the house at 8am and reach the venue just on time, best wooo...kan best if the Company has any subsidiaries around here!

During the course a friend asked me ' how can we know whether he's the right one or not? '
Immediately my answer was...'emm, you'll know it, you will have this feeling of comfort and relieved'. I think every girl would have this kind of feeling when you have done your most important part which is to pray to Allah and ask for HIS blessings and 'petunjuk'. As for me, this part is very important apart from blessings from my family. Never ever do anything or decide on anything without our family's blessings..if we think hard enough, they really do know us and of course wants the best for us :) Insya Allah, happiness awaits for us...

I have a few friends out there ( you know who you are ) who actually doubted themselves but keep on trying to look at the bright side . It is good you know, to be positive but sometimes you need to trust your instinct. Never ever love someone too much without giving a chance for yourselves to be happy. Love is meant to be shared, so what's the point of keeping your partner happy when you rot deep inside. If he/she is the one...you will never feel this way, trust me...been there, done that! Sometimes we may have to just let it go...if you are treated horribly when you gave every drop of love that you could..don't feel bad, he/she is the one who didn't deserve you..you deserve someone much much better!! Allah has His own way to show us miracles...

and Alhamdulillah...i am blessed....


  1. awww. u r so sweet, my wife. i love you so much. :)

  2. Owh I've never been in this situation before but I guess it started similar.

    I had a bf(-x) back then but I dunno why I have this crush on him (hubby). When we met the 1st time at Kopetro cafe (utp) I was like, what? why on earth this man ever existed and I don't even know that..haha, so love at first sight and we kept on fulfilling each other since then.

    anyway, you just knew it when he's the one kan.