April 28, 2009

Bukit Tinggi Trip..Honeymoon no.2??

Due to the heavy workload of Mr husband and i in the office, plus the preparation for the reception we were always on the run. Even weekends we would have very limited quality times together. So..Mr husband suggested for a weekend getaway, somewhere near but romantic enough hehe. This idea became reality a few days after Mr husband came back from Labuan, weehoo..syoknye!

We opted for Bukit Tinggi because both of us had fun during the last trip we were there, me with my family while Mr husband dgn ermm..ex girlfriend kot hehehe. I remembered Bukit Tinggi especially the Botanical garden and Japanese garden were reallllyyy cold. The air was very refreshing and cool from day to night.

Our suite in Bukit Tinggi, it was spacey and it's great that we had our privacy once a while (almaklumla, dok umah In Laws)

In front of Colmar Tropicale - not very congested..good timing yang!

Last time i remembered, we don't have to climb all the way up to the Japanese garden, but this time we need to park our car at the car park and proceed by walking or more likely hiking all the way up, hehehe. Kesian Mr Husband, hensem2 skali kene mendaki plak... :p

Ikan2 kap Jepun yang teramatla gemuk..fatsoo fishes...

Surprisingly Bukit Tinggi wasn't like what we expected, it wasn't cold anymore..the flowers are dying, no more colourful beautiful flowers, even the strawberries are not there anymore! Apart from that, it was very very hot. It's like in KL except for it's scenery and buildings. However, being with my love one compensate all that, we had fun and we enjoyed every single time being together..

Mr Husband & Fatsoo Rabbit

Me & Skinny Donkey

Though Bukit Tinggi is not cool anymore, we made the best of the trip..we had dinner while being serenade by romantic music, we watched acrobatic show, we got our potrait drawn, we visited the animal park and eat lots and lots of good food, hehehe.. A funny incident occured while visiting the animal park, the donkey fell in love with Mr Husband I guess!! Every time he talked to the donkey, it got excited and started showing his teeth to everybody!! Yikess...not a really good view ok..hehehe
All in all we had a blast berkepit all the time...Thanks Yang for the trip...Bile ek nak pegi trip2 lagi? heheheh demanding plak...


  1. Yul,

    letak la chatter box..boleh i mengarut2 kat situ... hehehhe...