April 12, 2009

Cars and girls

Cars and girls are sort of the same. There are cheap ones and there are expensive ones. Cheap cars are easy to maintain but sometimes they are not what you dream of during the night. Expensive cars are expensive to maintain but there are so many reasons why they are expensive: sexy, fast (ehem), pretty. Whatever the reason it maybe, everyone has to buy cars according to their own budget. One thing is for sure, after a while, you may get bored of the car and that is when it is time to get a new one. Big problem occurs when you have such an expensive car and you need to trade it to a new one, nobody is willing to buy it from you. Moreover, new and modern looking car is the in thing and the old style has to go.

My dream car (Audi S5)

The idea is to get a "bargain" car. Find one which is not too expensive but still gives you the necessary qualities you want. Find cars which style last for a long period of time (much like the mustang, eleanor in gone in 60 seconds). Or even a clk mercedes to give u a comfortable ride, reliability on road and also the lovely face in the mirror. In my case, I have found the suitable "car" for me and I love the "car" so much, everyday and every night. Love you, "car"..... :)

Black Clk with huge rims. Classy and sexy

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