April 7, 2009

Sneak peek of the preparation for the 'majlis'

The preparation for the majlis is on going..being a standard size girl it's quite easy to look for my baju, hehe. But for Mr Husband...totally different story...after several malay bridal galleries we almost gave up. Most of the baju are at most L size, being a 'saiz mat saleh' ( kene jaga hati sket )..aiyoo...susah mau masuk...so at last we (MIL, me) came up with the idea to try using the bollywood style suits. There're two types, the long one and the short one. So we'll see what will be used during the Majlis, heheheh. Enjoy the pictures...


Testing2....muat alhamdulillah, hehehe (jgn marah!)

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