April 12, 2009

I love SPORTS!!


Since i was little, my family and i are verryy into sports! We would spend our weekends going to martial arts classes, jogging, swimming ( walaupon gue sekadar ikan bandaraya ) and lots more! My parents are very supportive, they would always be in the classes to cheer for us. So i have this fond memories in this sports world of mine. Till now, whenever i have a chance i would spare myself for sports activities. During my uni years, I was the President for my T**kwon** Club, I joined the Kemb**a Club and what not. Until at one time, I had to decide which should i focused to! Nowadays, i don't really do martial arts simply because no one i know share the same interest in T**kwon**. However, i discovered some new interests such as Futsal, Badminton, Pocho2 + Aerobic. When i was single i would play Futsal almost every week! This was introduced to me by my x-housemate, Azirul and her Geologist friends...and since then i was soo addicted to Futsal. Now that i'm married, and my husband is constantly away..i would also fill my free/lonely time with sports activities eg. Badminton ( Eiza ajar ) and Pocho2...


The Geologists Pocho2 Team ( my Futsal-mate too!)

Eiza & i lepakking after badminton

Tomorrow i will be climbing Bukit Tabur in Melawati, KL. Yess, that's where the 2 Ampang Puteri doctors dropped and died...everyone reminded me about that, thank you all. I promised to Ummi,Abah,Mas,Kak Mai....I will be extra careful! Eiza will be joining me too, yeaa...that's gonna add the fun. InsyaAllah selamat pergi dan selamat pulang...Mr Husband will be sending me off and will be waiting patiently for the Wife at the bottom of the Bukit, hehehe.. (i siap beli kasut baru lg, ok..)
Bukit Tabur, here we come!

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