April 15, 2009

Bukit Tabur 12th Apr 2009

6 of us gathered at Petronas Station, Taman Melati at around 8.30am (Limau gile janji melayu, hehe). It's 7 actually, including Mr Husband but as he is not into climbing, his plan was to survey for any air terjun site if there are any laa..and to wait for the beloved wife at the bottom of the bukit, hehe. As we reached there, there were a group of UM students who were warming up and getting ready to climb up. Kitorang ni pulak, gelak2 huha huha terus naik, dah tgh jalan barula teringat " eh, kite tak warming up ek" hiyaa..

On the way to the entry point

On the way up up and awayy

Go go go...eiza started humping and puffing, hehe

The track was quite steep and luckily the futsal training kept my stamina up and going. However as we reached the rope part ( where most of the accidents occurred ) the track was getting a wee bit difficult. We need to be extra careful going up and down the steep (almost vertical) 'cerun'. However, we still had fun all the way. The view was getting much better everytime we reached a higher point. Apart from that, the team was great! Though some of us just met for the first time, we clicked instantly. We laughed all the way up and down the hill, hehe. The six of us are me,Litong,Limau,Dba,Eiza, Kak Yatt...

Eiza : Bile nak sampai ni??

Me : Err...sekejap je lg... (alamak!)

Beautiful view...we can see the whole KL,Selangor,Klang...

View of the Klang Gate Dam..cantik kan?

"Eh, besarnye rumah Yusof Haslam..."

Sampai akhirnye...sukses! sukses! sukses!

All in all we had an awesome adventure...hopefully we'll get a chance to do this again. Eiza, it was your first time doing something extreme like this, hehe...i am soo proud of you...next time kite pegi lagi ye? hehehehe. To dear husband, thanks a lot for keeping up with ur super hyper wife...next time i belajar dok diam2 ok...love you!

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  1. tu la tu, janji kul 7 sampai 8:30.

    aper2 pn, best dowh trip ni.
    walaupun sikit org tp happening..
    time kaseh kpd mereka2 yg join!

    p/s: owh, dia jiwang2 kat blog buleh?