March 26, 2009

~BFF (Part One)~

Throughout my 26 years of life, i dont really have that many long lasting friends which i could really depend on..i have only a few but to tell u the truth, these few are the best friends ever!! Some i met during my uni years while others i met during my working period. I believe quality is much more important than quantity, hehe.

This is Eiza, i met her a few years back in U*P when both of us were actively involved in Taekwondo. After a few tournaments together we clicked and started spending more time together. We would roam Ipoh during the weekends for good food and movies. We have the same passion in sports, so almost every evening we would jog around the uni or just brisk walking. She has the same attitude like my sister but the different trait is she likes spending the time with me ( kan eiza kan ), verrryy unlike my sister ( kan aziya kan ) hehehe. Until now, she's always there for me..during my ups and downs..she would always comfort me and hold my hand (literally speaking!).
In any special events of my life she would make a point to be there and witnessed the events. She attended my convocation, engagement, nikah solemnization etc. Even now, when i am happily married we would still spend our free time together especially when the husband's away ( sorry dear, hehe ). What i like about Eiza is she's very honest ( the hard way, hehe ) and fun i tell you...we would laugh our heads off everytime we spend the time together. She looks tough from the outside but inside..aiyo...very la pemalu konon2 la. Nak tanye directions ke, soalan ke...don't hope! My sister is exactly like this too...aiyoo...

I tried to upload the images of my BFF (Kak Mai, Aula, Norli,Mas) but somehow i couldn't. So it will be continued in Part Two hehehe...soon...

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  1. oi malu la dennnn.. hehe by the way name saya AEZA laaaaaa