March 23, 2009

Outing With Mama

Eventhough husband dearie is currently away (sad, sobsob...2 weeks already!!) i tried my very best to act normal. Of coursela, after only 3 weeks of marriage and still in honeymoon mood the husband had to go...hmmm, what to do...i pray to Allah he'll be back soon. I wonder how the wives of those who pemanently work offshore keep themselves sane, it must be difficult!

Yesterday mama (MIL) called and invited my sis and i to accompany her shopping!! Weehooo.. and the best part is, she's shopping for ME..hehe. You see, our reception(husband's side) is going to be in May and i haven't settled with what to wear yet. So this is it! As mama is actually a Mak Andam it makes everything smooth sailing. She already knew which bridal shops to go and she even gets everything at Mak Andam price, SUPERCHEAP. So off we go to Jalan TAR for the hunt of the wedding dress. At first i thought of royal yellow for our wedding theme, however the dresses in yellow were not that at last i settled with...RED! Hehe, red is actually my favourite colour, i tried to avoid red but it seems that i am destined to be in love with RED. Then the hunt continued for another dress which would be worn for the 'potong cake event'. I am not a really big fan of western gowns so i tried to search for something different, luckily mama is in this kind of business..she had lots and lots of idea. Finally, we end up with a long, heavily beaded gold coloured jubah kind of dress paired we a beaded batik jawa. I am really happy with the dresses, alhamdulillah...

My sister really awed me throughout the whole hunting process...being the boyish and not so into wedding stuff girl, she was the one who really helped mama to choose the best dress for me. She has this creative eye and mama instantly clicked with her! Mama even invited my sis to shop for more wedding dresses for her bridal shop..hehe. Aziya, aku tak jeles ok!! :p

The sneak peak of the dresses will be coming soon... Thanks mama, thanks u!


  1. byk2 sabar ok ayul. biasalah. aku dh selalu gak kena tinggal. u have to be strong. kalau boleh pegilah cari activities yg best2 semasa hubby is away. to me, shopping is like a therapy.
    nnt kita hang out la, bley bukak club isteri2 yg ditinggalkan hehhee.

  2. heheh, yerps..betul2. same here. aku dok pg futsal, main badmintonla..tgk muvie la..hehe. lg fit aku skrg dr before kawen :) sounds fun! boleh2..nak join!