June 12, 2009


Semenjak dua menjak the COMPANY re-org, everybody including me & Mr Husband are tired all the time. We really worked our a** off everyday and end up being tired once we landed our bum on the car seat. I just got upgraded from my job as a petrophysicist, well...upgraded in terms of workload and responsibilites ok, not SALARY, not even job grade. It seems that the COMPANY does not have enough staff to accomodate the business, so we the not-so-new staff had to be upgraded pre-maturely..i guess...but hey, i'm not complaining...i thank the company for sponsoring my studies and giving me a chance to serve the country..seriusly, i bukan main2 ok. Or else why did i quit from the higher paid company (Schlu***rge*) when the COMPANY offered me a job approximately 3 years ago...
Hakikatnye the COMPANY is where one should be at this GAWAT time...it is stable and most reliable..alhamdulillah, di kala banyak company bungkus, kami masih mampu meneruskan perjuangan kami...penat memang penat...everyday i would try to finish up my assignments, but the new ones kept coming in, fuuhh~ tension ok..not easy money my friend...
Now, working in a team where most of them are more senior than me, it would be a challenge for me..however, i am grateful as they are very young at heart heheheeh...new faces, new beginning..

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