June 15, 2009

What?? Againn??

That was my reaction when Mr Husband called early Friday morning from the immigration..he was AGAIN sent by the biggie boss to offshore (Vietnam plak) for God knows how long, hmm..this time around i was really2 pissed off, kesian Mr Husband get to listen and read all those emotional messages hehe. Yelakan, mane tak nye..crazy ke ape, x sampai 2 weeks dah kene sent off lagi. I would have understand la if skali skala, tapi kalau dah sebegini kekerapannye...WTH?? Yela, i know this is something that i have to accept working with an oil and gas company, plus kawen with rakan sekerja..memang inila hakikatnye...however, come on la biggie boss!! What? ingat org lain TIADA life ke??

Being a very loving and understanding husband, Mr Husband promised to negotiate with the biggie boss to at least gap kan the offshore trips...or else susahla we all nak organize our married life kan? kesian kite yang...sobsob...kesian lagi i...asyik2 kene tinggal. Your pujukan to go off somewhere when you're back sudah xjalan dah this time around, i don't really care..what's important is for you to be by my side...i really2 miss you yang :( Sape nak habiskan i makan? Sape nak buat i gelak macam org gile? Sape nak gossip dgn i? Sape nak bagi i the most-famous-Amin-hug? Sobsob...

First time balik kampung Kedah (during labour day)

At Uncle Ed's home in Alor Setar

Yang, balik cepat ok...i tunggu you...


  1. Ok. sayang insyaAllah i balik awal. doakan ek. I rindu my wife yang comel lote ni. love to hug her many2 time. i love you sayang. jgn sedih sgt kay baby girl. nanti i balik. i love you so muchhh...muuuuahhhhhh

  2. babe, Emran has uploaded some of ur wedding pics.. www.flickr.com/drziner