June 8, 2009

Kemalasan Tahap Maksimum

It's not actually my fault la kan..hehe...i balas dendam for all those kelam kabutness and havocness and tiredness of organizing the reception, seriusly next time anak2 aku buffett je ye sayang2 ku...or else if you guyz rajin like ur ibu than go ahead..haha. Apart from that, the lazyness was caused by the fact that Mr Husband was sent to Labuan for some job exactly 2 days after the reception..hmm emo aku sekejap. Tapi, dah keje kan...i pon rindu2an la sorang2. Lagi satu alasan, i left my broadband at my parents home..mcmane nak blog kan? hehe
Alhamdulillah, now everything's done! The reception was great ( for me la )..i was really happy not because of the reception itself, but due to the fact that i met lots of friends whom i missed dearly..it was also the place of family gathering..thank you so much to my family and also the inlaws ( especially mama ) for making our dreams come true! To Aeza and Syed thanks for being the pengapits, appreciate it so much...To friends who managed to attend the reception, thank you soo much..it was great to see all of you again after sooo long...To those who couldn't make it, what to do...but seriusly rugi wooo...best tuuu....The pictures by the photographer are not ready yet, but there are a few from friends who attended the reception, thank you guyz..pinjam ek!
Dewan Perdana Felda
Our Singgahsana

Mr & Mrs & The Pengapits

Babah & Mama merenjis

TokSue Merenjis

Ummi ku ~ ( gelak2 sbb die renjis2 dgn overnye )

Tada~ change of wardrobe!

Mr Husband makan kek dgn comotnye

The bagpipers (x-Saint Johns) cool! The favourites among all
The event went smoothly ( belakang tabir, rahsiaaa..hehe) not too long, not too short. Or else the guests would be sleepy by the end of the event. Hopefully those who attended enjoy the event..we have tried our best to entertain everybody..kalau ada terkurang or tersilap tang mana2 che' minta maaf sangat2...thanks again!! If the photos from others dah ready, will update more...

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