December 4, 2010

The Aftermath..My journey and some info

Thought about sharing my post delivery experience

On confinement ~

My ummi is not that traditional due to the fact that my abah works in a hospital..however i do take care of my food intake. The list of fishes i ate are such as ikan haruan, ikan keli, ikan siakap, ikan merah, ikan patin, ikan salmon, ikan cod..di masak singgang or grilled. Sometimes if my ummi cooked sambal or curry she allowed me to eat those as well as long as it's not too much because i am breastfeeding, kang cirit birit anak i. Ummi said i can eat chicken and meat as i tibai je hehe. Cuma bab nasi, my ummi said only 1 serving everytime xboleh prob la tu. kate nak kurus! I forbid myself from eating watermelon, cucumber, kangkong, ikan kembong, ikan sardin, iced water, seafood..normally org pantang makan makanan berlada hitam, i tried to minimize that because i am breastfeeding.

Apart from food intake, i did the urut and mandi daun2 session for a week. i highly recommend it because u'll feel very fresh and energetic soon after the sessions. In my hometown it cost only rm45 per day. I also bought the confinement set from Leesa cosmetic. You can choose from a number of brands but i prefer Leesa because it's complete! Inclusive of the bengkung and the tungku! Even though i delivered via c-sect i started wearing the bengkung after 3 weeks. The only thing that i didn't really obey was going out hehe. i did go out whenever i need to buy my stuff because my husband is a virgin in buying my stuff hehehehe. He'll spend hours reading the labels :D

I choose to pantang for 60 days and 100 days for iced water, ice cream etc. Why? Saje2..nak jaga badan hehe. After 1 month i managed to reduced 12kg from the total of 19kg i gained. Another 7kg to go, insyaAllah..

On Breastfeeding ~

Alhamdulillah i didn't have any problems in breastfeeding my daughter. My breasts started swelling with milk the 2nd day after delivery. The first day was mostly colostrum i guess. This was maybe because i started pumping as early possible, even though there's only small amount of milk earlier. Some kind of a signal sent to our factory to produce more and more everytime. However the first pump i used (Spectra 3 loaned from my SIL) wasn't that likeable to me because the breast shield is kind of painful after each time using it. And it does not pumped out milk as much as other mothers did. To some mothers it works just fine, but to me it didn't. So after reading many reviews ( i did read a lot before delivery too) i pejam mata and invested on Medela Freestyle. Earlier on i thought of not buying it as it's pricey, however after reading the reviews, i couldn't stop thinking about it. Plus i really2 want to do my best in breastfeeding my daughter. And alhamdulillah my husband supported me and he even joint venture in this investment hehehehe.

After getting the pump i put my full effort in pumping especially during my daughter's sleeping hours. My review---- if you plan to breastfeed as long as possible even after going back to work and if you have the extra savings, go for it!! my milk production increased by double, it doesn't hurt at all and it's portable..very2 of my best purchase :D Apart from having a good pump, i do take food that could help in increasing milk production such as sayur sawi, lobak putih, horlicks, soy drink, milkmaid tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby and i also drink Enfamama chocolate drink which is delicious! Hopefully the effort could prolong my milk production insyaAllah...soon i am going back to work and i wish to breastfeed as long as possible, plus my daughter drinks a lot!! nak store as much as possible for her :D

Sharing is caring kan kawan2... if ada info saya share lagi ok! maybe about pampers plak kan :)


  1. maybe its too late.. congrats!! sedap nama baby, and she so cute like her mother lah :)

  2. kak mira - it's never too late hehehe..thanks! cute like mummy ke?? suke nyeee...heheheh

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