November 22, 2010

Alkisah minyak yuyee and Iris

Crying because i put her to sleep in her cot

Last week Iris has been very2 cranky. All she wants is to be dokong and cuddled all the time even when she's asleep. Sangat2 challenging ok..she'll cry almost all the time she's awake. She'll only calm down when some one especially me cuddled her. She even cries during diaper changing and this is not just simple 'merengek' is on top of her lung screams!! I am so devastated seeing her crying like that. Sampai nampak urat2 kepala ok ( sbb nenek dah botakkan kepala dia, so nampakla). My ummi and i trouble shoot a lot of different reasons of Iris's crankiness..from what i ate to what we applied to her..but still no conclusion.

Close up - see that mouth, seluas2nya ok

Until at one point, i couldn't stand it..i was a little scared actually because i've never seen a baby cries like that before. So i told my mum to call her friend to baca2 and urut2 Iris mana la tau it could help a little though i was sceptical about all this urut2 baby thingy earlier on. So this kakak came and urut2 Iris, and to my surprise...Iris calmed down! not a little, but really2 calm ok!! wah, wah...sangat lega i hehe. At first i thought ada momok kacau my daughter ke kan, hehe..tergelak kakak tu bila i tanye mcmtu. It turned out perut my daughter kembong rupenye..the minyak bebiku and telon that my mother used wasn't that powerful enough. So what we did apart of urut2 was, we changed to minyak yuyee cap limau. And it works wonders!! After a series of long and powerful kentutss..she's all good, alhamdulillah.


So good bye to all the crankiness..and waking up every single hour at night. Iris is a very2 good girl now hehehe, sorry dear, mummy and nenek ingat minyak yuyee tu panas sgt for Iris. Thanks a lot to Kak Yaty for urut2 sessions and pencipta minyak yuyee for creating one excellent product hehehe...


  1. minyak yuyee is the best zairul. I used it to ease my nausea during my pregnancies and used them fine with the girls while they were small esp sophie who has hernia. It truly worked wonders. Jangan risau abt it being too panas, jangan u amik semangkuk bubuh dah la.. a little at a time really goes a long way..

    Kalau dia nangis camtu lagi lepas ni, u know what to do... =)

  2. hi zairul wahh settling in being a mummy! i think budak2 kecik mmg senang kembung. my baby brother used to cry for 1 months straight - we found out he was lactose intolerant. that was after trying so many brands of milk. after feeding him with soya milk he slept soundly - nowadays he's sooo besar compared to his kakak and abang.

  3. hawa - tula, after several minyak tested barula tau yg's a bit panas that's why i reluctant awal2 tu :) xpe, belajar slow2 la kan..

    zu - yerps, mmg mode mummy skrg ni hehehe. oo susu pon boleh jadi sebab ek. for now iris minum susu badan lagi tp maybe kembung due to something i consumed jugakla..xpe, i'll troubleshoot lagi ;)