November 8, 2010


Iris loves to sleep like this..mengiring mcm org besar!

Is SUPER tiring & challenging!!! Penatnyerr...seriously without ummi's help i can go crazy hehehe. I'm trying my very best to breastfeed Iris exclusively, and alhamdulillah she's a champ in latching department. And when i say a champ, i really mean it..she drinks a LOT i tell you. Sampai sakit2 belakang i duduk berjam2 breastfeed Iris. At night especially she'll wakes up quite a number of time to ask for milk. Sometimes i could only sleep at 4am or even 6am hehe, pengsan mummy!

Burp pon ada style ok!

Now she's very alert to sounds and colours especially from the tv. She'll turn around and look at the tv or search for the voices talking to her. She also loves to bathe. Very2 much :) like daddy suka main air. She'll cry her high pitch cries when we took her out of the tub. She's also very active, doesn't like to be 'bedung' and all the time we'll find her socks and mittens to be off her little hands and legs. I think tu mcm mummy xsuke dok diam2!

My sister is in love with Iris..the first one to be by Iris's cot when she makes any noise ;)

As for Mr Husband, i don't think he had any problem adjusting and what not. This is because i have my ummi and sister around who are very2 willing to help me with the baby. So most of the sleepless nights i went through, i find him sleeping peacefully even in the midst of Iris crying on top of her lung! Ada time2 i geram tu, i saje2 la create task for him haha. Suruh amik pampers la, wet wipes la..padahal xjauh mana pon...hehehe jealous la..hmm, even it's tiring, i truly enjoy being a mother..BESTNYEEE!


  1. good for you. dont worry this all will pay off. hang in there new mummy!

  2. Seronok tgk Iris tido. She's cute!

  3. hanta iris gi kelas berenang yeah :-D

  4. hehe...semua gambar tido jer. kuat tido aaa iris.

  5. zu - thanks zu, hopefully all will be good :)

    izwan - time dia tido is the best, mummy boleh qada' tido hehehe

    aida - will do, confirm..or at least swimming lesson dgn daddy..or aunty aida ke kan :)

    agip - mummy iris lagi kuat tido hehehe