December 21, 2010

Soo...not ready!!

Mummy, stay with iris please...

In 2 weeks time i would be ending my maternity leave!! I can't believe it! I am sooo not ready, helpp! I am not yet back in shape, well to be exact i need to reduce 5kg. I have lost 15kg to date..but for some reason i don't feel kurus yet. I can fit in ( up to buttoning ok ) only 1 jeans and the others i can only pull up but couldn't button it, for my work pants, i can already fit all..but it really accentuate my assets hahaha. mcm x sesuai je nak di pakai tatkala sudah bergelar ibu ni! Baju jangan cakapla kan, di bahagian tertentu, sangat2 la high definition heheheh.
iris sleeping ;)

Apart from that, i love staying at home taking care of Iris..once back to the office the arrangement is, as long as i am able to breastfeed Iris, she will be staying alternately between our house and my ummi's house weekly. So there would be times that i would not see her sobsob..kesian Iris, what to do..this is the best for her. I don't trust anybody else to take care of Iris other than our family. For ummi to stay permanently at our home pon is not fair to Abah as my Abah is still working and nobody will be with him when we culik ummi from him hehehe.

Hopefully everything will go as planned..insyaAllah..


  1. i know, i wouldnt trust my child at the babysitter too :(

    welcome back zairul!

  2. high definition? LOL? ko pakai kaftan jerla dtg keje for few weeks...hehe