May 31, 2010

What love can do....

Throughout +/- 5 months of pregnancy, i never felt sick. There was one time i mc because i was too lazy to go to work hehe...syhhh.... keep it to yourself plz, jgn bagitau En Zul plz. However..this time it was for real...and the main cause of my sickness is not the pregnancy, but....due to missing my husband terribly sobsob. i am down with flu and coughs. it started yesterday and this morning when i woke up for Subuh prayers and prepare to go to work, ummi insisted me to stay at home and rest for a day. normally i would be fine when husband is away, however this time i guess the gap between the last trip to this trip is too close. Thus affecting my toughness and machoness, haihh~

See people...what penangan cinta can do to a tough n macho lady like me...or should i say...Alpha Woman (bak kata Razeif) like me? Husband, balik cepat nah...i think baby is waiting for you to come home, to experience his/her first kick! :D


  1. time alid dulu..alid tak pasan pon yg baby tu kicking..hehehee

  2. Mrs.Amien : Tula kan..pelik mcmane orang semua boleh rase hehehe. sama ada Ayul xrase or xtau yg mane satu rase kick tu..