May 28, 2010

Post Mothers' Day Celebration

We had to postpone mother's day celebration as Mr Husband was away to Turkmenistan few weeks back. So once he's back we planned for a small vacation with my family to Cameron Highland, our favourite weekend getaway!! It was a thank you gift to my family for always being there for me when Mr Husband's away. Since i discovered i am pregnant he's been away for around 4 times including the latest one, yesterday hehehehe. He has an urgent meeting with the Government of Oman. Xpela, orang pentingkan...i org bawahan ni redha je la :p (redha dgn titisan air mata hehe)

So back to our topic, our trip was a 2 days one night trip and we stayed in Equatorial because it's really near to our favourite strawberry farm - Raju's!! And also because they have some offer and cost per room was a real bargain. Owh, before i forgot, we brought along Didi (the little girl ummi used to take care) and on the way up to Cameron Highland she vommitted suprising us with a waterfall of milo and nasi lemak, heheheh. Alahai Didi, macam2 la ko ni.

Didi and Atok before the waterfall incident

The first day upon arrival, we straight away head to Boh Tea farm which is located some 500m from our hotel. That's the distance to the simpang actually. Then we had to go through a series of very narrow and steep roads to the farm which comprises of the factories, the farm and also a really cool restaurant. Ummi said this would be her first and last time going up to this farm heheh. She restrain herself from breathing all the way up haha. But trust me , it's worth it! It's really2 cool and calming up here and the view is wonderful.

Husband, sis, Abah at Boh farm

Hubby n wifey (notice the yummeh arms? )

To be mummy and daddy in 4 months insyaAllah

Tenaga buruh kanak2

Meine Familie (missing you boy, next time we go together ok)

In the evening we bought some tidbits ( healthy ones-fried mushrooms and kimchins, corn in cups etc) I don'tknow why , those tidbits tasted really2 good up here, maybe because of the altitude i guess. Then we stroll around the small town, husband really2 loves Cameron and he even proposed for us to buy a property here! hm...okayla jugak kan. At night we had a really2 good and really2 cheap dinner at one of the ikan bakar place. it cost us only rm70 with servings of squid, 2 kinds of ikan bakar, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar , tomyam campur and multiple drinks!! Mind you the food is for 3 person each! Normally it would cause us maybe a good rm200 in KL ;) SEDAPPP!!

Didi yang teramat manja dgn nenek

Like father like daughter

The next day we woke up early, had our breakfast in the hotel and straight away head to Kea Farm for some serius shopping of vegetables, strawberries, dried fruits...and lots more! I was awed by the indonesians working here as they can actually converse in Mandarin ok...i myself tried several times during my lifetime to learn Mandarin but never succeeded!! Haih...need more determination i guess. Then we drop by Raju's place where they serve all kinds of desserts with strawberries...what can i say...waffles with cream and strawberries, strawberry shakes, strawberry ice creams...goodness, it was heavenly!! With the cool whether and good company...bahagianye... :D Last but not least, we had some tea and scones at Cameron Valley tea shop. Lepak2, minum teh, my sister Aziya bullied Didi, we took pictures...then we had home...

I heart US

It was a short trip but totally worth it...i am happy that i could make my parents words could describe the feelings when i see smiles of satisfaction and happiness painted on each of their faces. Thank you Ummi for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding me and letting me be myself. It's not easy to understand me i know, but you never failed to back me up all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you...for everything...hopefully i can be a wonderful mummy in the future, insyaAllah....


  1. kem salam kat ummi ek yul.... (^_^)

  2. Mrs Amien - Ok Alid, ummi suruh jaga diri, pantang elok2 jangan ngelat2..hehehe