May 18, 2010

Dulu & Sekarang


1) Less than 50kg
2) Really2 like anything with chicken in it
3) Very2 active
4) Enjoy going out and about
5) Enjoy cleaning the house and gosok baju suami
6) Agak garang
7) Loves make up and dressing up


1) In 4 months + i have added 5kg+ (latest to be updated after next check up)

2) Hates chicken, i cannot eat chicken at all especially the ones which still looks like chicken, heheh. entahla, i feel weird dekat tekak.

3) Still very active, no morning sickness at all thus no reason for me to slow down. However, i do care of myself more. No running, no climbing...
4) Gets easily bored going out to malls, prefer staying at home chilling out. But still loves to go for vacation to nice cool place :D

5) Hates cleaning the house and really2 lazy to iron suami's clothes (thus hiring weekend maid came to the picture)

6) First 3 months sangat2 penyabar and tenang, after that garang-ness starts picking up hehehe

7) Still loves to make up, but don't feel prettylaaa....feel comot most of the time

3 months ++ ( now of course larger )


  1. =)sungguh dlm perot ayol.hehehe..tcare of urself k..enjoy ur pregnancy!! (*_^)

  2. dont worry yul, you look good nonetheless... you're still ok with just malas kemas rumah and gosok baju. my cousin who was pregnant last year. malas everything. i mean everything! malas bangun tido, malas mandi, malas makan sometimes. malas segala la. and she had a boy! hehehe...

    you take care ok. =)

  3. Mrs. Amien - hehehe kiut? aminnnn..harap2 masin mulut Alid :) sekiut zara kan..

    Ibuhannah - wow hawa, quite extreme ye penangan your week will get to know the gender, fuhh...nervous and excited!