May 4, 2010

~ To Fara ~

A colleague of mine Farahdilla Yasmin is currently undergoing an operation to remove a tumour from her brain. The procedure is in SDMC or previously known as SJMC. The news is a shock to most of us in the office as she looks perfectly healthy and happy all the time. It started off from minor headaches which she thought was a result from sinus. One thing leads to another, and after a number of scans it was confirmed a tumour. The location of the tumour is at a highway of fluids transfer thus increasing the risk.
I am not sure how Fara and her family handle this situation, hopefully they are tough and courageous to go through the odds. What makes me really sad is the fact that Fara is the only child to a single mother :( Luckily she has great uncles and cousins and friends by her side. With them i know Fara would feel much much better.
Dearest Fara, i really hope for the best for you. Since i know about the diagnose, my family and i never stop praying fro the best for you and your mother. I know you are strong and insyaAllah the operation would be successful. Ya Allah, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pembedahan Fara...aminnnnn... Friends, please pray for Fara too ok....

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