April 22, 2010

My Story

I would say this is something like the success story of our journey to become a to-be-parents..this is not something to brag about, but rather a sharing of our experience in waiting, and keep on waiting for a miracle, i would say...it wasn't an easy one, we are one of those late bloomers i guess, it wasn't that late for us..for my family..but for some other people it sure is...

After some time we got married, people start asking lots and lots of questions..heck, even after one week pon some people already start asking and touching my tummy. maybe it was due to the fact that i'm working in a company full of malays and malays (not all though) have this tendency and mentality that you have to be pregnant FAST, or else it's not good, a major no-no..even some of my relatives, husband's relatives pon keep on asking..sampai ke satu tahap, we don't know what to answer anymore. like asking every week could change anything right? some even questioned my mom about her fertility background!! (hello, my mom bunting pelamin ok, with me!) there were times that we got soo frustrated and disturbed by the questions and cruel remarks (you can imagine la the kind of questions kan) that we spent the night hugging and consoling each other.. :(

However, after some time husband and i started talking seriusly about this matter...we decided to give it a try for about one year, and then if we're not successful still, we'll seek for help. though the people around us keep on pressuring us, we still stay composed. Sometime around January we set an appointment with Dr Hamid Arshat; my mom visited him for her fibroid removal last time. He was a very cool and relax doctor, mcm ayah2 sket..so it was so calming just to look at him. The first appointment with him, he did a thorough scan from my v***** to have a closer look at my uterus, ovaries, etc. Alhamdulillah everything looked fine and in place :) He did some background checks and history on my menstrual cycle. Everything was ok because my cycle are perfectly on time. As everything was ok, he said the next step would be the HSG; a procedure in which some tracer fluid would be pump through my fallopian tubes to check for any blockage and then the fluid would be flushed to clear my tubes. During the procedure i can see through the xray screen the fluid passing through my tubes. Mind you, the tools (besi2 n tiub2) will go through the v***** too. It is quite painful, or org melayu kate senak la perut tu (note: i am tolerable to pain). After the procedure we went to see Dr Hamid and he explained about the result. He said my tubes and ovaries are fine, at certain places the fluid slowed down, this according to Dr Hamid may be caused by minor accumulation of dirt or backflow of period. However, the tracer fluid could still pass through my tubes...so insyaAllah apart from checking the condition of my tubes, the fluid flushing would also clear the highway hehehehe. Apart from this, i was also given meds such as acid folic and obimin to boost up the system hehe. According to Dr Hamid, 30-40% women who go through this procedure can get pregnant within 3 months. The 3 appointments with Dr Hamid (inclusive of the meds and HSG) cost me only rm450! Cheap ok if compared with other medical centers or homeopathy and what not.Plus Dr Hamid will try to do things as natural as possible, he will not force your body to accept all this drugs or operations if it's not necessary. Lastly he said, good luck...if after 3 cycle i am not pregnant, we need to arrange for another appointment with him.

My husband and i didn't really put high hopes on this, no matter what happen we'll try to go through the journey step by step...it is something that needs lots of patience and courage. Everyday we would pray for Allah to show us the best way to overcome all this tests in life. :)
After some time i realized that i missed my period...and after a few tests it was confirmed that we made it!! alhamdulillah..i am one of the ladies in Dr Hamid's statistic...syukur~
This post is dedicated to all my friends and ladies out there who are in the quest of becoming a to-be-parents. I know to some the journey might be longer..or even shorter than mine, but the most important thing is that we have the courage and the determination to try and keep on trying. Don't give up easily as the reward to all this effort is priceless. Allah knows the best and HE knows that we are trying hard...hopefully this post could inspire friends out there and as a comfort to others who are going through the same journey...insyaAllah...please pray the best for me and my family, and i pray for the best for you too...
p/s - Dr Hamid's website is http://www.hamidarshat.com.my/


  1. Congratulations!! Yes, i know the pressure, my first one was an easy journey.. Very easy journey, but to get my second child, I might say it is the longest journey so far.. and still not yet getting the answer, people keep asking, and some even give a bad remarks (kalau tak ikut adat melayu kite, mau aje slapped their face) but maybe we are little cool down, since we already have our precious Emir, itu nak second one pun got some pressure, I know it will even more greater kalau first one.. again Congratulations!!

  2. Ayul, congrats!! xsbr tunggu ur baby kuar!! nnt aku blk office ko sure lagi gemuk dari aku!! :) take care ya!!

  3. Kak Mira - thanks for understanding :) i just don't understand why some people are so heartless..but, it's ok..it taught us to be stronger right...thankss!! doakan saya~

    Syim - hahaha, ape punye statement la..setakat ni di sebalik baju kurung aku masih kurus. di dalamnye hanya aku yg tahu hehehe..congrats to you too syim, semoga tabah menjadi ibu!