April 8, 2010

Welcome Back!

I know it has been a while since my last post...hahahaha...seriously my life was extremely busy with work, pindah rumah and some other stuff. Okla..some summary of what had happened throughout the 3 months ++ of not blogging...

-PEM team building in Bukit Tinggi. It was fun but super tiring.
-We celebrated our birthday in Bukit Tinggi during the team building. Mr Husband was super sweet, sanggup ulang alik from KLCC to Bukit Tinggi to be with me :)
-Busy pindah rumah...finally we have our very own crib, alhamdulillah..


-Celebrated our first year anniversary in KL Tower restaurant...makan dinner at restaurant pusing2 tu...okla the food, just ok...tp the ambience romantic la hehe...

-Went for a super fun vacation with husband to.....CHINA!!! Wow, seronok....first time i tgk snow hehehehe. Sampai jugak i kat great wall...

-Attended Izwan's wedding in Langkawi...husband, me, krabi trip clan..the kenduri food was super delicious, we spent hours duduk tersorok dlm rumah wife Izwan menikmati makanan yg lazat itu, bertambah2 and berkongsi2 makanan tak ingat punye! Izwan, congrats..semoga kekal bahagia selamanye...and...stay cool!

-And lastly, the surprise :) After exactly one year of waiting with lots of patience, the best anniversary gift of all ....tadaaaaa~~~

Alhamdulillah...syukur yg tidak terhingga...i am now around 12 weeks :)


  1. congratulations ayul!!! welcome to the club! :)

  2. wahhhh nk g umah kak asrah !
    tahniah ;)

  3. nate' - thanks, doakan saye!

    lemon - mai la... cuti sekolah ni mai la, kat rumah ade mcm2 xbox 360 games, guitar hero, band hero..sume ade..

  4. uishhh !!!
    tu yg lg tringin sgt nk p tuu .
    haha .
    after spm bleh la p .

  5. about time (on the update i mean)
    also, congrats again dahls ^_^

  6. Wahhh.. congrats!! Take great care.. later2 bwk baby ikut aktiviti luar pintu k ;P

  7. yul, welcome back! and biggest congratulations! have a lovely time being preggers..

  8. Diba - thanks dba, insyaAllah akan ku angkut die ikut aktiviti2 luar pintu heheh..btw good luck on your coming BIG day!

    ibuhannah - thanks hawa, doakan the journey would be smooth sailing ye...