June 30, 2010

Walk-walk in Muscat with Mr Husband

Due to the slowness of internet for me to do online banking and also to reply some office emails, i turn to blogging la next..hilang sket stress aku. After a week in Muscat, me and Mr Husband managed to stroll around by the beach, shopping sket2, lunch and dinner with friends and also attended a local wedding!

The weather here is very2 hot and dry..once we're out of the hotel, the heat will catch up on us. Plus i don't think it's appropiate la for me to wear short sleeve shirt here kan :D While Mr Husband is at the office during the day, i will spend some time studying for my assessment or hop on the hotel shuttle bus to the nearest shopping complex Qurum City Center. It's not a big complex though, but should be enough to shop for our necessities.

okla..there's mothercare and oshkosh hehehe..

Later in the evening, when Mr Husband is back from the office, we will stroll along the beach, dip2 sket ( i dunno how to swim though, takot!), chase the crabs by the beach, play pingpong (my expertise, confirm Husband kalah hehe) We also managed to drop by the traditional Muttrah souk, something like Central Market in Malaysia.


Beloved husband

Main2 air.. hehe

Colourful Muttrah souk -- match my outfit too!

During the weekend, one of the local staff invited us to attend his wedding...yeaa, i was extremely anxious to explore the Omanis' culture, especially the food nyum2...i heard their kenduri food is delicious hehehe dalam banyak2 mende, makan jugak mak debob ni ingat! Male and female guests were separated, the men were at the mosque while the ladies were at the house. We were entertained with sexxayy dances by the ladies. There were all kinds of songs accompanying the dances, be it lagu lame or ala2 lagu rap pon ade heheh. Fuhh, seriusly sexxayy, no wonder no men were allowed... or else pengsan beb!!

The ladies with the groom, hensem kan? Btw, the men and women here are seriously good looking...good for my baby hehehe!

See, they purposely wrap the selendang around the booty to emphasize the bootyliciousness..every women even children here can dance really well..syarat2 sah agaknye

The groom's family, they will dress simple like this first, then after eating before going to the bride's house they will change to a more bling-bling abayya' (jubah/dress)
Nasi beriani kambing yg sangat sedap, eat from the dulang ok..i didn't manage to capture the beautiful abayya' because i was busy...eating!!!

It was really2 interesting! I learned from Majid ( the groom ), the cost for every wedding is at least OMR10,000 (convert to RM--RM100,000) Best woo jadi the bride, she will be receiving lots of gifts including cash around OMR6000 (RM60000) and lots and lots of gold! I myself berpinar2 mate tgk emas yg banyak tu hehehhee. And guess what, the bride doesn't need to give anything pon to the groom! Ok what, with that bootylicious dance, i guess it's worth every penny *wink-wink* Thanks Majid for inviting us!! Love it..

So that's one lengthy post from me.... :D


  1. Best nyer.. jeles... Apsal Limau takde pon pegi mana2 canggini?? =( Hehehe.. Anyway, so happy to see you pregnant, take great care ~!!

  2. best kan cuti2 ni..hehe..bile ayul nk dtg glasgow lak??huhuhuhu

  3. dba - oit, heheh bukan ke limau penah dok australia lame kan? oo time tu xkawen lg kan, hehe. xpe,better ada kt umah kan dr outstation je.. *wink-wink*

    Mrs Amien - ishh kalau ikutkan hati mmg nak tour europe, tp apekan daya ongkos masih belum mencukupi..tp doa2kanla ade keje kat sane, boleh pg free!!

  4. whoaaa ayul dah pregnant!!!Congrats! makin berseri2 lagi tu.