September 21, 2010

Long time no see uolss ~

Selamat Hari Raya to all...i know i know, it's a little bit too late to wish...but seriously it has been quite an experience for me this year. The first time puasa being independent in our own house, the first time puasa and pregnant...hmm, there's always a first time right. Being 7 months+ pregnant during the puasa month is delightful and tiring at the same time. I can now feel and SEE the baby moving and making 'ombak' especially at night. surely will make me smile even at the lowest of time. Fasting while being pregnant for me was good, I lost 1.5 kg hehe. Tiring but still manageable. Good baby, thank you for helping mummy to cope with the hunger and thirst, alhamdulillah...we managed to complete the whole one month! i love you so much ;)

Me @ 6 months ++

Baby @ 7 months...suckling her thumb...

Work is treating me like crazy...i am now 8 months++ and as the day to deliver the baby is approaching, i am more worried about my work rather than the delivery. Being in such a volatile state is so so worrying. However, it's a part of life and i need to go through it no matter what. Okla, to lift up the mood a little here are some pictures that can really put a smile to my face hehehe.

Baby @ 8 months..big eyes mcm mummy ke?

Baju2 dah basuh

Dah lipat elok2...

Daddy dah set up kan baby's drawers..rajin kan daddy

Us @ 8 months ++

See my tummy isn't that big ya? everybody said the same thing.. but the doc said " if ur tummy is large, how can u walk? " hmm betul gak kan? hehehe. But one good thing is everybody keeps on complimenting me on how berseri2 i am, how pretty i am..hehehe seronok jugak kan! And from that compliments most of them guessed correctly baby's gender... menurut doctor la kan..insyaAllah, we're expecting a baby girl :) seronoknye..... alhamdulillah...syukur sangat2...


  1. hehe..comel je ayul.. =)
    hope everything will be fine k
    enjoy puas2 ngan hubby as a couple sbb pasni dah jadi triple

    Cth: sampai skang alid tak penah tgk wayang kat glasgow ni..maybe sampai ke sudah pon tak sempat. hehehe..

  2. welcome back ayul...wah dah 8 months plus dah...enjoy the last few weeks yul..

    hehe..and one tip for you. if baby dari dlm perut dah hisap jari, they are more likely to do so when they are out from mummy's tummy. So, jangan paksa utk tak ok. let them be. wean them off later.

    good luck yul!

  3. Mrs. Amien : wah sampai mcmtu ek, yela dhla alid sibuk dgn studies kan. xpela, i guess it's worth it! u're right, mmg kene beraktiviti sementara boleh ni kan... :) even kdg2 mcm termalas sbb dh berat heheheh

    ibu hawa : hye hawa ;) sebenarnye mcm xsabar nak tgk baby..setiap hari berangan2 dgn husband hehe.
    oo baby will do the same thing ye? kinda cute la kan suckling the thumb, will definitely ask for your advice later on how to wean off.. thanks hawa!