June 21, 2010

Here I am !!

At Muscat Oman!! After not so long of thinking my husband approved the proposal of me coming over and accompanying him for 2 weeks, heheh. After 8 hours of filght from KL-Bahrain, 1 1/2 hours transit in Bahrain and 1 1/2 hours flight from Bahrain-Muscat...at last there he is...the man i missed most... sukenyeee, penat ke lenguh pinggang ke...dah xkira, hilang terus!

Gulf Air, among the affordable airlines to middle east.

View of Bahrain Airport from Gate 15

Muscat is different from other countries i've been to. Well, i've never been to any Middle East country, hence the difference :D Upon landing to Muscat, the view from the window was awesome! The sand dunes and the formation were really2 beautiful. Hopefully we'll have some time to explore the area. I thought of taking a city tour however Mr Husband said there's no such thing here, because the tourism industry is not established just yet! It's ok, i thought of searching the net about Oman and will plan something for the next few days..

View from Mr Husband's room, the Crowne Plaza Hotel is located by the sea

More view from the room, the 'it' residence are located along the hotel

Mr Husband's favourite spot...the pool...

Today i will just chill and enjoy the freedom..enough of going around yesterday, pity baby in the tummy...mummy sibuk, die pon sibuk dush-dush kiri kanan perut mummy hehehe...

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