September 17, 2009

Raya Plans

This year's raya we would be celebrating at my hometown in Kedah, well technically my parents' hometown. As most of the elders had passed, we would just be visiting my parents' siblings and our relatives, to spice things up we planned to go for a vacation yeaa!! where to? Langkawi!! It has been years since the last time my family and i visited Langkawi, my Husband it would be interesting to see the latest Langkawi...

However...first things workload needs to be settled...soon...i don't think i could, but i will try my very best....mati la gue...keje bertimbun, xreti2 nak habis...adehlaa. due to this heavy workload, i don't even have any time to look for my tudung raya to match with my baju raya!!! alert!! i don't care...tomorrow i will get my tudung raya! tak kirela keje ke ape ke..nak jugak!!

p/s - Mr Husband..jom teman i pegi masjid jamek plzzz.....Arzu tadi pon mcm ok... (semua org are soo into tudung awning sampai my conventional tudung pon susah nak carik! )

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