September 4, 2009

Careless me

Early morning today around 7.50am, i withdrew some cash from CIMB atm to pay for my loan which was overdue (busy sampai lupa). Before that, i carefully placed my external hard disk on top of the atm so that i wont gelabah dgn my bag and all. After withdrawing, i simpan everything nicely in my bag and dashed to the office. I totally forgot about my hard disk. I had a busy schedule through out the day, managed to sit for few minutes before dashing off some where else for discussions or meetings. That's the reason why i didn't realised my hard disk was not around. Around 4pm when Mr Husband said "jom balik", i started packing all my stuff...then barula i sedar that i left my hard disk at the atm. We rushed to the bank, of course la xde kan...hmm, so not me tertinggal barang kat bank! habisla all the pictures and data...luckily most of the important ones are saved in my PC too. xde rezeki, what to do...amazingly i didn't cry but extremely sensitive when husband mention the word careless. heheheh. muncung boleh ikat ok..

Entahla..semenjak dua menjak ni, i am extremely busy sampai tak terurus...after solat isyak i would easily fall asleep. after a few hours baru i terjage and sedar yang baju keje xbergosok lagi...aduhai...reminder to self " please be ur own self asap "

On the other hand, my memo to fly to N*the****ds are approved!! yeaa!!! it was totally a blessing during Ramadhan because normally the Biggest Boss are very fussy and requires an interview with the personnel if he/she is to be sent to oversea for work. I was actually prepared for all this, however tadaaa~ everything signed without any least i won't be that lonely without Mr Husband around after raya..


  1. hm.u know what. i tak hilang pon external hard disc tapi yg hilangnye bende dlm tuh..s..i think ur case it much better compared to mine..hehe

  2. hurmm..ko bkn mmg mcm tu ke..slalu letak benda merata2..bile hilang ngamuk...hahhahha...and ko mmg slalu tido lps semayang pon...:p its u..

  3. All the best with the oversea trip :)