August 26, 2009


I've been neglecting this blog for almost a month, or is it a month already?? Aiyoo, what to do..both of us were busy with our work and also our life...i don't even have enough time to finish up my office work, lagikan nak blog. Let's see what we're up to all this while
Family stuff
- Family trip to Sg Chiling Kuala Kubu Bharu, we had fun bermandi manda. it was actually Mr Husband's hobby, i will scream everytime he pull me to the deeper section..hehe..yes, i nampak je macho, bab2 air fail ok..
- Bercinta2 di Cameron Highland dgn sang suami...wuyoo...bestla cameron, much2 better dari Genting ok..the strawberries, waffles, corn in cup..yummehhh...lazatt
- Bershopping2 and menempah2 baju raya for meine Familie..I have like 7 kain to tempah hehe..result from Husband's business trip to Dubai and ntah mane2 lagi..
- Celebrated my sisters' birthday with Eiza, Mr Husband and Ayen...selamat ulang tahun ke 25 Aziya!! semoga murah rezeki, panjang umir dan dipercepatkan jodoh...aminnn
- My little brother is coming back to Malaysia for Hari Raya...yeaa! dah lame x raya ramai2..
- The big boss wants this particular project to achieve first oil very2 soon which is come la the target earlier was 2015, suddenly he was like pakse2 the team to make it by 2011. And suddenly the planned well was postponed and another well was proposed. So zasss, yours truly tunggang terbalik coordinating the core analysis
- I've been seeing people going overseas sponsored by the Company even for some really not-so-important work. So when i have some tests running in Ne***rlan**, i went to see the boss and requested to be sent there for the analysis. Amazingly, the boss agreed and there goes the process of writing a memo which will then be sent to the BIG boss. Hopefully he will grant the proposal..insyaAllah... *doakan i plzz* at least i will not be bored when Mr Husband's away for his Ethiopia job
- Waiting patiently for 2 wells to be logged very soon, cepatlaa...
-Balik awal specifically 4 o'clock everyday during Ramadhan, yeaa!!!
- sudah menerima beribu2 soalan cepu emas "dah ade isi ke?" "dah ade muntah2 ke?" yang paling best skali setakat ni "korang ni plan ke? aku tgk mcm xnak baby je, rileks je mcm bujang2" hiyoo la everybody..dah belum ade rezeki, kami tunggu jela..salah ke both of us rileks and cool mcm remaja hehe. kene nangis2 ke? dah kawin kene tukar jadi auntie2 no no...insyaAllah rezeki tu ada, menanti masa yang sesuai... :) aminnnn
- we are currently painting2 decorating2 menanam rumput carpet and macam2 lagi for our new home sweet home. we targeted end of the year, suddenly tercepat plak...maybe after raya we can move in already..hehehe seronoknyaa...boleh buat makan2...
- doa everyday that Mr Husband is to be sent to Ethiopia at least after raya...please please please..i dont want to raya alone, sobsob. i think boleh tercapai because the rate of penetration ( drilling ) was really low, tolongla lambat lagi hehe. or else, i think ada yang ikut ke Ethiopia karang
- my best friend Mas delivered a beautiful baby girl in early August, sangat cute Sara Umayra
- Kak Aula is waiting for her delivery hehe..sabar k kak...
- Norli is pregnant, Shima is pregnant too..hehe yes, kawan2 ku sudah mahu jadi mummy...alhamdulillah..congrats to all!!
- will be visiting a few orphanages during Ramadhan with PEERs, proud of you guys...i've never seen a group whom are passionately in love with contributing to those in need..may Allah bless you all...
- my friends aka kakak2 n abang2 in the department invited me to join the trip to Krabi..hehe. As Mr Husband will not be around after raya, i accepted their invitation hehe..bye Mr Husband!! Seronoknye berjalan2..sebenarnye utk menghilangkan kesunyian di kala cinta hatiku jauh di mata..but it's kinda fun sebab semua bujang2 except for me hahaha...perasan bujang...
So i guess that's about it...hehehe...selamat berpuasa semua!! hopefully everybody's blessed..insyaAllah...

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