September 12, 2009

Ramadhan's blessing

Early Friday morning last week, i was extremely busy with this and that..when i checked my hp, there was a few miscalls..normally i would just ignore it, if it's important they will call me back..however, that morning i just felt like calling

me : hello...siapa ni ye, td sy received call dari this number
lady : oh...kak zairul ke ni? sy ina...kak zairul ade hilang apa2 tak?
me :, my external hard disk xjumpe pun lagi...
lady : haa...mak sy cleaner kat cimb tu, dia yg simpankan akak punya hard disk tu. sy checkla
content die, tgk2 mcm sy search la details akak..tu yg dpt hp no akak
me : ye ke...terima kasih byk2 ina...sanggup berusaha nak return hard disk tu.

and the rest was history... i am ever so grateful that this young lady took so much effort to return my hard disk...bersyukur sangat2. a day before fetching the hard disk from her, we bought some biskut raya for Ina and her mother. tak sangka dlm era globalisasi di mana semua org terlalu sibuk dgn kepentingan diri masing2 masih ada yg memikirkan susah senang orang lain. i am deeply touched, rase nak peluk je ina masa jumpe control hehehe.

p/s - aziya, aku tau ko suke komen aku ape2 pon aku tau ko syg aku kan kan kan..i love u too sistaahhhh...muah2 (jgn jeles aku dh jumpe hard disk aku!)

My sistaahh & me 'totally 2 makhluk yg sgt berbeza'


  1. alhamdulillah :-)
    still ada good samaritans out there

  2. Good to get back something important that we lost.

    Thanks 4JJI for destined the HD to be found by Ina's Mom, and her effort to identify the owner.

  3. " My sistaahh & me 'totally 2 makhluk yg sgt berbeza' "

    sangat SETUJU !