July 12, 2009


Aiseyy...hectic week i would say...Mr husband is around the whole 1 week ++ and we spend the whole week together attending a course in Concorde, hehe..jadila as long as we're together right? Before that we actually did some adventure trekking with PEERS (young professional club of our department) at FRIM Kepong. It was fun, tiring but fun... will be posting the pictures once we're back at home. Owh, i am currently blogging from a CC in Taman Melati after a weekend trip at Genting Highlands..hehe, biasala cuti2 Malaysia...what a wonder la Genting..the pictures pon nanti la k...

Why kami ke Genting? Yeszaa, Mr Husband is again going off..this time from this Monday till Friday ( will be in KL very early Friday morning..hmm seb baik) Where to? Dubai pulak, equipment checking for the Ethiopia Project he's currently handling. Why i tak ikut? It's too expensive la...lgpon i think i can bear 4-5 days without him, what to do...

When i get to know he's going off to Dubai after promised has been made to not go anywhere too often.. i was fuuuriouss!! Marah ok kat semua kaum kerabat Department dia, x kasik can langsung kat i! Hangin satu badan...i merajuk 2-3 hari, xnak ckp dgn Mr Husband. hehe, memang drama...but then Mr husband said that Ethiopia project would be his last in the department before moving off to a different department, hmmm please la ok Husband, i xlarat la berlakon bujang you know, susah i nak explain kat org yang i ni dah kawen, heheh *wink-wink*
Semua ingat i am bujang trang-tang-tang.. (bagus gak kecik2 ni)

What's interesting is, we are planning for another trip cuti2 Malaysia when he's back from Dubai...bestnyeee, can't wait. By then i have to be extra patient and settle all pending work in the office...okla...mumble2 all the way...hehe


  1. ala, shian ayul asik kena tinggal. tapi jgn marah2 mr hubster. It's not exactly his fault you know. If he had to choose, I bet a million gold coins, he'd choose you over everything else... =)

  2. ibuhannah - yeah..tp sedih :( marah sbb sedih, sedih sbb sayang...