January 12, 2011

My routine

Hello semua...

To fullfil a friend of mine, Pial's request about my routine...here it goes...

5 am - Wakey-wakey, my natural alarm clock aka iris will normally wake up around this time
for feeding. Apart from that she normally merengek for milk at 3am.

5.30 am - Done feeding iris, changed her diaper and buk-buk her until she sleeps

5.45 am - Mummy mandi2, solat Subuh and siap2 to work

6.30 am - Prepare the EBM for the day and kiss2, play2 with Iris

6.45 am - Bye Iris, Mummy pegi keje ok.. ( I am staying in Puchong and works in KL, thus the
need to bangun awal and gerak awal )

7.45 am - Sampai ofis, letak barang and minum plain water ( nak pump better hydrate yourself)

8 am - #1 Pump session

8.30 am - Breakfast, take my vitamins and start working ( Drink lots of water in between)

12 noon - #2 Pump session

12.30 - Lunch

1.30 pm - Solat Zuhur

2 pm - Work and work

4 pm - #3 Pump session (The best is to pump 3 times a day to signal your body to produce
large amount of milk)

4.30 pm - Solat Asar

5 pm - Balik!

Normally i will pump one more time at night if my B is engorged. As for the EBM, i will prepare 3 bottles (4-5 oz) from yesterday's session plus 2 more ( 3-4 oz) from the stock prepared during confinement. This is to ensure Iris is getting enough nutrients, this is because EBM which were frozen longer time will lose some of it's nutrients, but still much better than formula.

So..that's basically my everyday routine. I follow this time religiously because if i do miss any of the timing, alamatnye balik lambat and lambat la jumpe my angel!

Haihh...macamane la mummy x rindu...


  1. hehe. mesti la mummy rindu.daddy pun rindu. :(

  2. syg, i tadi i tgk video iris, die dah nampak makin debab.hehe

  3. oh iris minum 9oz total lah when ure at work. wat is iris' weight?

    sekali minum berapa oz ayul? n thnx for e update :)

  4. pial, bukan 9 oz la hehe. when i'm at work iris minum minimum 15 oz. ranging from 15-19 oz la. she's quite a drinker. iris adalah slim hehe, born 2.5kg and mase 2 months baru 4.5kg. skrg ni nak 3 bulan xtimbang lagi. skali iris minum dlm 4-5oz. i bet athier minum lg banyak so u kene make sure pump 3 times a day :)