January 10, 2011

Kekurangan masa

I've started working a week ago, and i tell you it's difficult for me to manage my time. This is because i need to allocate pumping time for 3 times a day and every session normally takes half an hour. I have to start my day very early everyday now. Apart from waking up in the middle of the night for feeding, i will start my day at 5am. I need to arrange the frozen EBM (expressed breast milk) for the day and then i need to prepare my daughter apart from getting ready for work. Previously i doubt i have enough energy to last the day, but alhamdulillah...still standing strong y'all.
My EBM stock is still in abundance alhamdulillah. Everyday i manage to pump up to 15 oz (standard amount) and sometimes i can get more. I am not sure whether it's considered a lot or not but as for now it's enough for my daugthers' consumption. Now my best friend Aula supplied me with supplements from shaklee which she said could boost my energy and increase my milk supply. This morning i managed to pump 8-9 oz in 20 minutes, i guess the supplements helped, however i need to monitor still to be really sure or else i could be telling rumours hehehe.
Hubby is away to Oman and kesian him, he is currently down with chicken pox (apela dah tua2 baru kene). I think it's better for him to be there rather than here, or else nanti baby plak infected kan..hmm...take care dear, we miss you a lot! Looking forward to our webcam session everyday!


  1. Ayul, nape u kena get ready iris so awal? citelah wt exactly is yr routine n wat time, i tgh nak prepare for when i get back so maybe cn get a few tips from yr experience. plus hws yr wound dah ok ke? mine sakit lagi n da sebulan dah :(

    iris is gorgeous btw, congrats n welcome to mummyhood

  2. pial, nanti i cerita in detail my routine ok. my wound dh x sakit, sekejap je dh ok. kdg2 adela sengal sket2. doc kate i can even go to the gym dah. however it depends on people, on the surgery etc. tapi my back still lenguh especially if duduk lame2 time breasfeed. congrats to you too on the latest addition :) tembamnye dia!

  3. are u using a double pump? i pakai medela PISA. 10 minutes je nak pump. then to save time, put the parts in the cooler bag (or fridge), so that no need to wash every time :)

    good luck