January 26, 2011

January babies

Before January ends, i would like to wish Happy Birthday to all January babies (BIG babies). Now i realize there's quite a number of my friends and family are January babies :)

3rd January - Puan Fazlin ( i love u dear muah2)
8th January - Puan nooraini (celebrate besday sambil jaga hubby chicken pox)
14th Jabuary - Pak Njang's besday (busy with my cousin's wedding prep)
15th January - Puan Ima (soon to be mummy Ima)
18th January - Emran, husband's cousin
19th January - Me! celebrate besday husband-less
21st January - Mr Husband ! celebrate besday wife-less and anak-less di perantauan and bonus...kene chicken pox di perantauan huhu
24th January - Puan Nurul Wafa Ardini aka Sherry my SIL
25th January - Puan Norli (alamak, lupa nak wish..oops!)

There you go...BIG BIG HUGS and KISSESS from me....MUAHHHSSS....Semoga panjang umur. murah rezeki and dimakbulkan segalan impian anda semua AMINNN...

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