March 14, 2011

What is the future gonna be?

Being a mummy, we'll automatically feel very protective towards our baby. At least that's what i feel all the time. I want the best for my lil baby. Everybody says, our baby is the reflection of ourself..hmmm i am quite worried with that statement hehehehe. Well, i am not exactly the best person in the world, not the best daughter, not the best friend...but i try really hard to be the best for my husband and my baby. I remembered my experience during high school. It was a very difficult time for me. I am adjusting to being away from family, trying to look for my own identity, trying to make new friends...and i failed. It was really bad until at one point of time i crumbled, my grades dropped and i became very defensive and lonely. There was one time this teacher told me that i couldn't be successful in the future, apela cikgu ni...cikgu bukan kene bagi sokongan moral ke?
Takpela... after that chapter, i tried looking for myself, not trying to be someone that others want me to be...but to be my true self..muhasabah diri. I collected myself and removed all the negativity in me, and try to look at the brighter side of life. My uni life is much more happier and fulfilling because i stick to being myself and doing what i love to do...despite all the remarks or rumours spread by my highschool mates ( yg belajar sama uni), i proudly be myself and alhamdulillah i managed to succeed. Hello cikgu, saya berjaya ok!! Only Allah knows how strong i was to be where i am now.
Even though i managed to go through all these, i do not want my baby to go through what i've been through. I want her to lead a simple and successful life...the way she wants it to be...not like some other person wants her to be. Hopefully, me as a mummy i will always be supportive and positive to her...i want to be her bestfriend for life. Iris, kita jadi bestfriend ok? Mummy nak Iris jadi anak yang solehah, insan yg bijak and baik budi pekerti..semoga kita jadi bestfriend sampai bila2...i pray the best of everything to you my dear baby... i love u dear...


  1. yul, zaman sekolah mmg zaman terkial2 cari identiti kan. sama je kite..glad that u be yourself =) and succeed!!! happy for you!

    awk masa sekolah dulu garang sket, keras kepala tapi baik hati (anak sulong kot..hehhee)

  2. hahahahaha, sampai sekarang kot keras kepala and garang!! tapi dh pandai nak control la sekarang, tone down sket. applied depends on terms and condition hehehehe. tapi yg pasti saya masih baik hati hehehehehe